Selam Woldemariam


Selam Seyoum Woldemariam, also known as "Selamino" is an artist based in Brooklyn, in the U.S. who has produced music for close to 40 years. Selam was born in Ethiopia in 1954 to Seyoum Woldemariam Kidane and Tsirha Nemariam. His family later on moved to Asmara where he grew up.

In 1973 he joined the Black Soul Band while they were on tour in Addis Ababa. He performed with different outfits including the Venus Club, Ibex Band. After the Ibex Band in 1979 Selam along with two other members of the remaining Ibex band formed Roha Band.

In 2000, he moved to the US where he resides and consults on music production.

USBrooklyn, United States


Selam Woldemariam
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