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Liz Ogumbo's music is a rich tapestry of influences, inspired by jazz, taraab, chakacha, blues, reggae, and hip hop. At the heart of her artistic expression is her "Kenyan Soul" or "KenSoul," embodying her roots, culture, and dedication to both music and fashion, along with her passion for Africa.

Her debut album, KenSoul, released to critical acclaim. It introduced her distinctive sound, blending various genres and languages, including Luo, Swahili, English, and French. This genre-agnostic approach continues in her latest album release, KenSoul, The Lotus Chapter, which explores her diverse musical influences and life experiences. The 12-track album builds on the strong foundation laid by KenSoul, showcasing her storytelling prowess, humour, and vocal versatility.

KenSoul Experience
Liz’s unique blend of musical styles is encapsulated in her KenSoul Experience, highlighting her musical talents and contributions to fashion. Her performances are marked by soulful melodies, vibrant rhythms, and cultural storytelling, making her one of Africa's notable artists.

Notable Attributes
· Storytelling and Humor: Liz's songwriting is known for its humour and engaging storytelling.
· Vocal Ability: Her smoky, sultry voice adds depth and allure to her music.
· Cultural Influence & Information: Liz's work is deeply rooted in her Kenyan heritage, reflected in her music. A significant element of her artistic expression is the "chakacha," a traditional Swahili dance that she has extended as her signature on stage. Through chakacha, she educates her audience about the Swahili culture, proudly sharing and celebrating this vibrant dance form with her listeners.

Liz Ogumbo’s work exemplifies the power of cultural fusion and artistic innovation, making her a significant figure in the contemporary African music scene. Her recent single "Say No" underscores her commitment to raising awareness about gender-based violence, sending messages of solidarity and empowerment.

Achievements and Contributions
· Liz has graced prestigious music stages, including IOMMA, HIFA, Lake Malawi Festival, and Delicious Festival, solidifying her reputation as one of Africa's prominent female voices.
· Her albums, KenSoul (2010) and KenSoul: The Lotus Chapter (2018), have received acclaim for their genre-agnostic sound.
· She has released singles like "Maro Pamore," "Ubuntu," and "Mon Homme," contributing to positive societal change.
· Liz ventured into acting, starring in the award-winning South African film "Angeliena."
· In 2022, Liz was honoured as a “Titan of Africa” in Dubai, recognizing her significant contributions to the continent's creative industries.
· As a multidisciplinary creative entrepreneur, Liz has built her brand in music, fashion, and wine, representing Africa's creative industry growth globally.

Advocacy and Philanthropy
One of Liz's most passionate causes is addressing gender-based violence. Through her advocacy and philanthropic efforts, she supports initiatives combatting domestic violence and promoting gender equality. Liz's dedication to these themes is evident in her artistry, particularly in her single, Whatchyu Know About Her, which resonates deeply with audiences and sparks conversations about women's empowerment.

I believe that Liz Ogumbo's talent, versatility, and commitment to meaningful storytelling make...


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Liz Ogumbo
Big Ass in Blue Jeans


Track artwork
Liz Ogumbo
Big Ass in Blue Jeans


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