Yassine Elgouch


Herited his traditional performance from his parents, Yassine ElBoulaili is known as Yassine Elgouch for playing his Guembri (Moroccan traditional instrument) left-handed, Yassine was born in 1994 in Agadir, he started performing on a very young age taught by Maalem Omar Mahmoudi who is known as one of the great Maâlems from the region of Souss. Yassine performs also a different Gnaoui style: "Ismgane" or "Chelhaoui" as some love to call. He learned it from Ali baga who is considered as the godfather of this style in the same region. He also played alongside a long list of other maâlems such as Maâlem Abdelouahed Stitou the living encyclopedia of the “Chamali” art of Gnaoua, Maâlem Abbas Baska, Maâlem Rabie Abbas, Maâlem Abdelkebir Kbiber, Rida Barrady... Yassine Performed on stage for FUM Festival, TanTan Festival, Maroc Telecom Beach Festival (Jawla), Sidi Ifni Festival, International Exhibition of Handicraft.

MAAgadir, Morocco
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Yassine Elgouch

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