LizweKenneth Gcayiya is the owner of two companies that he build and for it by him self with his teammates aside but his on independent artist Mr.L12W3 is a music digital distributor in Cape Town. @GodsPlan its my page on facebook it represent many artist and Mr.L12W3 his the 1st artist on the label and his a owner of godsplan to and Mr.L12W3 its a brand that stands on its own that its looking to any major deal that will be improve GodsPlan and Mr.L12W3 to be come better and we are there future of the music means godsplan got many characters through their artists and Mr.L12W3 his a artist that can be featured in any melody or any genre and willing to work and give my life to it by going biggger for my future and my family too.Through my music i believe i can make a lot of change but i need that one percent then im fully in cause I've got album called FEELINGS with a tracks on on it 5 strictly english and 3mix english and my language xhosa then ive got a single to that i can release it any time mean 1st i can drop album or single up to me but both are big major deals in the movie of these songs from album to single the are many characters through one artist Mr.L12W3 still im not there only im fully loaded with bars 16 to 32 FreeStyle and more albums to but i wanna do everything in step by step and by doing everything 100% recording and mastering and mixing full production it and 100% good investment and management willingness for any offer that will change my life with my loved from cape agulhas im working at cape agulhas municipality in struisbaai permanently but i was born in cape cape town from nyanga east thats where all the music begin and 8 in cape agulhas it came back with all my talent cause thats where it all started revieving again bit by bit by working hard and by all means to show i need this in my life meaning if i can get a better opportunity i can live my permanent job and focus on my music cause i know its life and it will attract many brands around the world.

ZACape Town, South Africa
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