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Coming from a family of musicians and influenced by an artist, choreographer and director mother, SELBE DIOUF or rather Sister LB as her artist name took a liking to urban music very early on through the discovery of groups such as: Positive Black Soul, Diam's, Missy Elliott, Bahamadia among others.
Born in the heart of a vibrant neighborhood in Dakar, Sister Lb rose to the rank of ambassador by using her powerful voice to amplify the stories and struggles of women. Plunging into the musical waters of Senegal, the committed artist Sister Lb emerges as an essential voice, dedicated to the cause of women.
She transformed her personal experiences into powerful messages that resonate with the challenges and triumphs of womanhood. She grew up listening to the haunting melodies of the land of Teranga and quickly found her own voice, blending hip hop and traditional beats with incisive lyrics that question gender norms. Over the years, Sister Lb has managed to capture the essence of women's struggle in her poignant tracks, spreading a message of empowerment through enchanting melodies. Her impact extends beyond music, as she uses her platform to support initiatives and organizations that work for the advancement of women. By celebrating Senegal's cultural heritage while calling for change, Sister Lb continues to inspire present and future generations. From her humble beginnings, she has carved an extraordinary path through the world of music, while embodying a symbol of resilience and female empowerment. Through her captivating melodies and profound lyrics, Sister LB has managed to captivate hearts and minds, while raising essential questions about gender equality and social justice. Today SISTER LB has established itself well in Senegalese rap and is even ranked in the TOP 8 of the most influential and regular female rap artists in Senegal by the very credible music in Africa website. She collaborated with the IOM (the international organization for migrants) in the book intended for the CINEMARENA awareness campaign initiated by the IOM which began on February 26, 2020 and which ended abruptly due to Covid-19. After the stages in the regions of Kolda and Vélingara she was able to produce a short film with the said organization for a digital awareness campaign against irregular immigration. Sister LB to participate in several festivals such as: afropolitan festival, festa2h, republik feminist festival.


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Stay tuned for the next year’s
Portrait de Sister Lb officiel

Sister Lb officiel a ajouté une nouvelle vidéo

En préparation de l’album pour bientôt
Portrait de Sister Lb officiel

Sister Lb officiel a ajouté une nouvelle vidéo

SISTER LB-IÑAAN (video officielle )


Stay tuned for the next year’s
En préparation de l’album pour bientôt
SISTER LB-IÑAAN (video officielle )
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