Gibrilville: The King of Melodies Returns to His Roots with "African Youth
Family" Mixtape
Sierria Leonian, Ghanaian born Hiphop, Reggae and Afrobeats artist Gibrilville presents his new single "Coco Vanilla”(feat Kwaku Afro), slated to appear on his forthcoming African Youth Family mixtape.Features include Jaysynths and Wanlov the Kubolor as well as production from Jaysynth (Kilodey, Dididaada, Homicide, Angels ) and Coptic & Farouk Abdullah, who produce "Coco Vanilla". Accra, Ghana Prepare to be transported on a musical journey like no other as Ghana's very own prodigal son, Gibrilville, returns to his roots after years of making waves in the United States. A true son of Ghanaian soil, Gibrilville's eclectic music reflects the incredible tapestry of cultures and lifestyles he's experienced in his global odyssey. While his artistry encompasses hip-hop, reggae, and dancehall, it's his unwavering connection to the Ghanaian sound that sets him apart, infusing a flourishing afrobeat vibe into each note. With a voice as powerful and rich as his African heritage, he's earned the title of the "King of Melodies." Listeners were captivated by his emotional and soul-stirring performance in the reggae-inspired masterpiece, "Long Way." Now, Gibrilville is set to take the world by storm with his upcoming mixtape, "African Youth Family," scheduled for release on November 3rd, 2023. This musical revelation promises to echo the culture, spirit, lifestyle, and beauty of Africa, a journey only a true musical visionary like Gibrilville can deliver.
A passionate musician from a young age, Gibrilville embarked on a journey from Ghana to the US in the early 2000s, where he dedicated his energy to making his music dreams come true. Today, he stands as one of the most influential Afrobeat and hip-hop artists, captivating audiences with his fusion of Hip-Hop, Rap, and Reggae, seamlessly intertwined with English, French, and Pijin vocals. Through his captivating lyrics and powerful beats, Gibrilville weaves the story of his life, using his music as a platform to spread the vital message of African awareness, love, and solidarity.
Don't miss out on the musical phenomenon of "African Youth Family" and the extraordinary journey of Gibrilville. Mark your calendars for November 3rd and witness a celebration of culture, spirit, and unity through the universal language of music.
‘Coco Vanilla’ is slated for release on 3rd November 2023.


Portrait de Gibrilville

Gibrilville a ajouté une nouvelle vidéo

Gibrilville - Cannabis
Portrait de Gibrilville

Gibrilville a ajouté une nouvelle vidéo

Gibrilville - Halleujah [Babylon] (official audio)
Portrait de Gibrilville

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Gibrilville - Coco Vanilla (Studio Performance)
I got a new thing #music #cocovanilla #afrobeat | #fyp
Portrait de Gibrilville

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Gibrilville - Dididaada ft. wanlov the kubolor
Gibrilville - Foreign Exchange
gibrilville - We go make am


Gibrilville - Cannabis
Gibrilville - Halleujah [Babylon] (official audio)
Gibrilville - Coco Vanilla (Studio Performance)
I got a new thing #music #cocovanilla #afrobeat | #fyp
Coco vanilla (ft Kwaku afro) #music #fyp #afrobeat
She closes her eyes ! Coco vanilla out now! #fyp #cocovanilla #music
Thanks to my 1000k followers on Spotify playing coco vanilla #spotify #cocovanilla #stream #fyp
Love wey sweet! Gibrilville #cocovanilla #fyp #newmusicalert
I got a new thing! #cocovanilla #music #fashion #newmixtape
Streaming number coming in! Let’s go! #fyp
Gibrilville - Coco vanilla (feat kwaku Afro) Official audio
Watch the video. Dididaada #fyp
Long way ( short clip ) #reggae #music #performance #shorts
The red booth. Dididaada #bts #fyp
Looks. Wardrobe. Feels. Dididaada #fyp #fashion #music
At the top #fyp #freetown
Styling and accessories #fyp #fashion #models
What’s your favorite outfit in Dididaada? #outfit #fashion
She calls me mr ❤️ #fyp #viral
Take a look in the mirror, and trust yourself #rap #manifest #hiphop #shorts #gibrilville
Bare witness while I bare feet and forgive those that trespass against me. #fyp #rap #manifest
People change, times change, so I keep my change #manifest #fyp
Coco vanilla quiz. Ladies have you ever danced without shoes on? Answer in comments
African James Bond on @GlitchAfrica studio #foryou #ghana #music
Dididaada at the crib! #foryou #ghana #gibrilville
Saturday mood! #foryou #gibrilville #ghana #youtubeshorts
Behind the scenes #foryou #ghana #afrobeat #music
Fire in madina #fire #foryou
Back stage with mark! Young black family concert. #foryou #ghana #king #gibrilville
Gibrilville - African union (live ) #africanunion #reggae #ghana
African union. Coming soon #foryou #music #reggae
Gibrilville - Young black family concert
Full concert live tonight!
Young black family concert, tonight #foryou #ghana
Gibrilville - Angels live in Ghana.
Gibrilville - Homicide (Official audio)
gibrilville - We go make am
gibrilville - Kilodey
Gibrilville - show dem (Lagos - Nigeria)
Gibrilville - Long way (Radio edit)
gibrilville - Long way
Gibrilville - Long way (Lagos - Nigeria)
Gibrilville - Angels (Lyric video)
Gibrilville - Manifest (feat @Kwamiena )Official audio
Gibrilville - Can of soda & Angels (Performance video)
Gibrilville - Can of soda
Gibrilville - Angels feat jaysynths (Official audio)
Gibrilville - Live Session with @GlitchAfrica production #foryou #afrobeat
Gibrilville - Dididaada
Gibrilville - Dididaada ft. wanlov the kubolor
Gibrilville - Dididaada (feat.Wanlov the Kubolor)[ Radio Edit]
Gibrilville - Ma chérie (feat faraji)
Gibrilville - Follow the line
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Gibrilville - Kilodey
Gibrilville - Kilodey [Official Video]
Gibrilville - Foreign Exchange
Gibrilville - Kilodey (Official Audio)
Gibrilville - Gorilla Feat (kwaw kese & Superfly Mantse)
Gibrilville - Say the word
Gibrilville - Blood diamonds (feat Wanlov The Kubolor)
Gibrilville - Give me that dollar (Feat M3nsa & M.anifest)
Gibrilville - Take your life (feat Reggie Rockstone)
Gibrilville - The Blues (feat Ray6)
Gibrilville - Ghetto youth (feat Blitz the ambassador)
Gibrilville - Screwface
Gibrilville - Rising star award 2021
Gibrilville - Akademia Rap/hiphop artist of the year 2020
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Gibrilville - Glass Ceiling (feat Kwaw kese & Bosco) visualizer.
Gibrilville - Love & Hiphop Music || Studio performance ||
Gibrilville - Streets of Africa feat. M1 (Official music video )
Gibrilville - Open up(Official Music Video)
Gibrilville - Trial & Error (Ft Nathaniel the great) Official Music video
Gibrilville - Screwface (Remix)
GibrilvilleVEVO Live Stream
Gibrilville. The Foreigner JJC Live Stream
Gibrilville - Foreign Exchange Hustler (Official Music video)


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