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Seun Olota is a composer, performing artist, leads the ExTasI Gang Band and an advocate for persons living with special needs and physical condition. He has built his music niche within the context of dance, club, hymnal, choral, and therapeutic music with original compositions and orchestrations for the family of strings, percussion, brass, and wood wind instruments.

He is an art devotee and critic with the zeal for realism whilst not disregarding views from other schools of thought (absurdism, expressionism, experimentalism, surrealism, and impressionism in the world of ISMs); these views manifest in the amalgamation of his fusion flick of trado-urban music styles and sound shapes.

With exposures to music and theatrical workshops; his team, The ExTaSi Gang Band is a chunk of uncommon thinkers who are also recording artistes, scholars, and directors in their own rights yet, jointly set on a phrenic and theosophic quest that stretches music beyond the threshold of aural sensibility. Albums to his credit include: Home Made (2006), Home Brew (2013), and Free Spot Show-Live (2015) and Why Worry (2018).

He has performed in corporate events, informal functions, festivals and has featured in movies and stage drama projects. A selling point of his wide exposure scope informs his knowing the befitting repertoire for different projects. Olota’s futuristic approach to music has also led to studio and performance experiments with griots, minstrels, electronic music makers and Disc-Jockeys (D-Jays) journeying into the fusion of sound elements with approaches that explore the possibilities of nouvelle directions and the interpretation of the African experience in relation to the existential phenomenon of human relations.

Olota is involved in advocacy and sensitization initiatives amongst which are surrogate schemes, campaign projects, and awareness programs for and with agencies on immunization, breast-feeding, down-syndrome, the polity, and gender related issues. He hosts a weekly live music show called The Free Spot Show in Lagos-Nigeria that features guest acts, discovers talents, and has formed a hub and movement for the expression of conscious and alternative music.

Other advocacy projects dear to his heart that have been executed include: walk, concerts, and fund raising projects for Down syndrome and the physically challenged- thus, these initiatives have recorded milestone impacts in mobilizing and enlightening the public to better understand its collective duty to the service of care giving and support for inclusive participation of all in the social process. He also volunteers as a music teacher and therapist at Modupe Cole Memorial Home for persons living with special needs, The Down Syndrome Foundation Nigeria School and Morainbow Foundation Care School on a part-time basis.

Seun Olota professes his credo simply thus, “… I revere acculturation and cultural barter initiatives because they form the spring-board required to fortify our unity, intellectual vigor and diverse collective strength.”


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Seun Olota (Olo-Tee)


Yayaya @ Felabration 2018 (Freedom Park Lagos)
NKO? @ Felabration 2018 (Freedom Park Lagos)
OBC @ Felabration 2018 (Freedom Park Lagos)
Owerri Soup @ Felabration 2018
Open Path (Instrumental) @ Felabration 2018 (Freedom Park Lagos)
Yayaya Felabrtn 2018
Seun Olota- Owerri Soup
Seun Olota - Yayaya
Seun Olota @ Palais de Culture- OBC
Why Worry @ 2018 MASA
Seun Olota- Penkelemess
Home Note @ MASA 2018
Agbo Ode @ MASA 2018
Seun Olota & The ExTasi Gang- Live studio interview jam @ The Palais Abidjan)
Seun Olota- Why Worry @ BAO Cafe
Yayaya @ Canal Aux Bois 2018~2
Why Worry @ Canal Aux Bois 2018
Open Path (Instrumental) @ Canal Aux Bois 2018
OBC @ Canal Aux Bois 2018
Alajeki @ Canal Aux Bois 2018
Owerri Soup
Seun Olota- Help Me (Palais de la Culture MASA Festival)
Seun Olota- Alajeki (Live @ BAO Cafe Abidjan)
Home Note
Free Spot- Home Note
Old Boys Club @ The Free Spot Show
Old Boys Club (Instrumental)
Agent, Landlord, & Tenant
Bogo Help Me
Bogo Sherikoko
Bogo Sherikoko
Bogo Fire Fire
Bogo Owerri
Alafia Skit
A-Live Alliance-Bogobiri House
Copy of Owerri Soup uptime version
Fire fire joinB
Kasala (Instrumental)
Yago (Rehearsal session)
The Free Spot Show feat. Duro Ikujenyo (Piano) "Water No Get Enemy"
Cherie Koko
Alajeki RollBack
Alafia revisited
Owerri Soup uptime version
Because of You
Open Path
Copy of Help Me Percussion ensemble version
Alajeki ver3
Cherri Koko
Alajeki @ Shekere conversation evening
Help Me Intro Skit
Open Path Instrumental @ Rehearsal session
Help Me Vocals rehearsal session
Alajeki Instrumental rehearsal
Medley: Help Me, Owerri Soup, Zombie
Open Path
Free Spot Show 25 06 14


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