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Jungle Preacher – ‘otm’ real name Samuel Kuot Makeny born South Sudanese is an aspiring Gospel Singer and a Social Justice Activist from South Sudan, East Africa. Born in the early ‘90s in a humble family of five siblings. He is also a Motion/Graphics Design freelancer and passionate about Video Production.

It was then in the days of the conflict between the Northern and the Southern Sudan war when he started his nomadic life at a younger age as a refugee in Kakuma Refugee Camp for 4 years in the Northern part of Kenya. After sometimes he was then moved to Kitale where he discovered he could dance and rap through Gospel music.


His passion for music grew when he used to free style during church services and even during school events. In 2008, Jungle Preacher recorded his first reggae song called ‘Lets Believe’ from the book of Romans 10:13 in the Bible. After moving to Nairobi in 2011, Jungle Preacher did a collaboration on ‘Fi Di King’ with Kevoh Zeal featuring Kevoh-Yout who was the leading dance-hall Gospel Artist in Kenya by then. In 2012, He released his second single ‘I Surrender ’followed by other songs that pave his ways towards performing in both Kenyans and South Sudanese big events. In 2016, Jungle Preacher was then featured in a Kenyan song ‘Rudi Home’ with several Kenyans Musicians. In 2017, Jungle Preacher was featured in a song by Allan Proverbs from Uganda with the song called ‘Lost and Found’.

With the 2013 and 2016 tribal conflict that took place in South Sudan, Jungle Preacher then released a hit conscious song ‘Galu Galu’ an Arabic words meaning ‘Rumor Mongering or they say’ in English. It was the song that gave him the authority to advocate for eradicating hate speech in South Sudan. BBC Focus on Africa, Radio Television Suisse and other local Radio Stations helped in documenting and spreading the message to reduce the panic in the country. Later on, he was featured in the #Anataban Arts Initiative Song ‘Freedom’ for their project’s campaign.

Jungle Preacher has performed in various places in Kenya, Zinduka Festival in Uganda and in South Sudan including the Hagana festivals. Jungle Preacher has received several nominations including the STA Awards, SSUSA Awards and the East Africa Gospel Awards over the years. He said he is determined to put Gospel Music as the priority after moving to Juba to clearly pursue his Mission in South Sudan towards East Africa and beyond.

Of current, Jungle Preacher have released songs like ‘’Jere Le Rabuna’- (Run to God), ‘Nimekubali’- (I have accepted) and ‘TereJok’- (from Evil) that are currently on South Sudan Gospel Music top chat for 2019.


Apart from music, Jungle Preacher is passionate about Education and Social Change.

At his younger age, he started his activism as a member of ‘Child Right Club’ that was known by its own activities back then in Kakuma Refugees Camp from...


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