Blaqful Trace


Blaqful Trace is born in 1996 oct 15th , He grew up with his MOM and little sisiter. He started to love or be part of the music world when he was doing grade 3, he used to freestyle with words nobody can understand even him himself , he could not understand the words, As long as the flow suit the beat , and he literally made people to like and join what he is doing and best believe teachers and learners used to love and join the creativity of Trace.

At 2007 he moved to north west (wolmaransstad) where he started noticing that this thing of music is so real , like starting to see studios, be inside of the studio , then he set a goal and it was 'on now'.He worked with almost all the best rappers or vocalist at wolmaransstad and some other areas not far from wollies, and the artist loved him , loved doing music with him especially hooks he is super cool with that.

Until now so far 2017 he went to varsity at vanderbijlpark VUT where he started to work with artist from jozi , kzn and many more believe that 2018 it is BLAQFUL TRACE' s year . Because he can literally doing any type of music so far e.g hip hop , rap , rnb , gospel , pop , vocal for house music and many more.

ZAVanderbijlpark, South Africa
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