Born in Maputo, Mozambique, Lenna is an artist, educator, and cultural activist.

As part of her research and exchange with other African diasporas and her own country, she has been immersed in a constant community of afro cultures and social movements. During her seven years in Brazil, she funded research about vocal music and the different ways of using the voice and body as instruments.

She has performed and collaborated with musicians from different countries such as Cheny Wa Gune (Mozambique), Mario Laginha (Portugal), Mû Mbana (Guine Bissau), Virginia Rodrigues (Brazil), Benjamim Taubkin (Brazil), Paulo Flores (Cabo Verde), Luedji Luna (Brazil), Kastrup (Brazil).

Her debut album NÔMADE, which focuses on the vocal expressions of indigenous Mozambicans, was rated among the 100 best albums released in Brazil in 2016.

MZMaputo, Mozambique
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