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Jean-Paul Bourelly is a US-born guitarist based in Berlin, Germany.

His guitar style focuses on RnB in the pure sense of those words. In early 1980s, Bourelly started a group called the BluWave Bandits. In his body of work, he embraces a poly-rhythmic blues sound. When he moved to Berlin, he released 'Boom Bop I' (1999) and 'Boom Bop II' (2001), which featured the late griot singer and poet Abdourahmane Diop. The albums also featured Archie Shepp, Pulitzer Prize winner Henry Theadgill, bassist Reggie Washington and others.

Bourelly appeared at Pittsburgh Jazzlive festival in June of 2016 with his latest format 'Nu Grid' with guitarist Vernon Reid and trumpeter Graham Haynes. He has worked with artists such as Nasar Abadey, Pete Cosey, Phil Cohran, Luke Stewart and others.

'Jungle Cowboy' (JMT, 1987)
'Trippin (Enemy' 1992)
'Saints & Sinners' (DIW, 1994)
'Blackadelic-Blu' (DIW, 1994)
'Tribute to Jimi' (Koch, 1995)
'Fade to Cacophony' (Evidence, 1997)
'Rock the Cathartic Spirits (Koch' 1998)
'Vibe Music' (BMG, 1999)
'Boom Bop' (Jazz Magnet, 2001)
'Trance Atlantic' (Challenge, 2002)
'News from a Darked Out Room' (Phonector, 2006)
'Cut Motion' (JPGotMangos, 2007)

With Muhal Richard Abrams
'Blues Forever' (Black Saint, 1982)
'Rejoicing with the Ligh't (Black Saint, 1983)

With Charles & Eddie
'Duophonic' (Capitol, 1992)

With Craig Harris
'Blackout in the Square Root of Soul' (JMT, 1989)

With Elvin Jones & McCoy Tyner
'Love & Peace' (Trio, 1982)

With Cassandra Wilson
'Point of View' (JMT, 1985)
'Days Aweigh' (JMT, 1987)
'She Who Weeps' (JMT, 1991)
'Dance to the Drums Again' (Columbia, 1992)

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