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Lynn Daphne Rudolph is currently one of South Africa’s most prominent young violists. As the current winner of the South African Strings Foundation Competition, Lynn was awarded the first prize which includes a custom-made viola by Albertus Bekker. Lynn recently graduated from Nelson Mandela University with a Master’s in viola performance, cum laude.

As a soloist, Lynn has performed with the University of Stellenbosch Symphony Orchestra and the Heydeburg Symphony Orchestra. In 2021, Lynn was selected as a finalist for the Fine Music Radio competition and placed as second runner-up. In 2020, Lynn was named “Young Rising Star” as part of the Endler Concert Series at the Stellenbosch Konservatorium.

In 2019, Lynn was awarded first prize for the Mabel Quick International Competition. As a chamber musician, Lynn was invited as guest principal for the Free State Symphony Orchestra, and has worked with the Eastern Cape Philharmonic Orchestra, Kwazulu-Natal Philharmonic Orchestra and the Cape Philharmonic Orchestra. Similarly, Lynn has been a recurring member of the Cape Town Baroque Ensemble, with recently having played both baroque viola and violin.


Portrait de Lynn Daphne Rudolph

Lynn Daphne Rudolph a ajouté une nouvelle vidéo

Veiled- Niloufar Nourbahksh
Portrait de Lynn Daphne Rudolph

Lynn Daphne Rudolph a ajouté une nouvelle vidéo

December in Jozi
Portrait de Lynn Daphne Rudolph

Lynn Daphne Rudolph a ajouté une nouvelle vidéo

Homegrown Immigrant- Youngblood Gallery


Veiled- Niloufar Nourbahksh
December in Jozi
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Lynn Rudolph
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