A spoken word artist born and raised in Mombasa/Kenya teams up with Dusty Jones
a spectacular music producer out of Cologne/Germany, to deliver their first single “mzaa mtaani”
which can be translated in English as “a joke in the community”. Mallo uses his spoken word skills with a rich lyrical message to deliver this unapologetic track which will compel the listeners into a powerful but yet emotional self-enrichment.
Although the song´s vocals are in the Swahili language still the non Swahili speakers will find themselves pulled in this one of a kind musical production which has in it the fusion of Hip-hop, Jazz and Soul music. To acquire this piece of musical diversity Mallo & Dusty Jones went beyond their Genre´s border and brought on board Max Serges an award winning percussionist whose African drums intertwined harmoniously with Mallo´s spoken words. The creativity in this music reached it´s pick as Dirt Mike the guitarist with his magical fingers played through the track confirming and co-responding to the presence and untroubled voice of Mallo.
Evidently the passion used to create this music can with no question be heard, it may occur that you might forget the context in this music but one thing is guaranteed after listening to it, you will never forget how this track made you feel.


Track artwork
Ear-the drum records
Mallo & Dusty Jones Mzaa Mtaani
KEMombasa, Kenya
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