Songz_mama [singer/songwriter] is a 26-year-old young man, born and bred in the Eastern Cape in a town called eGcuwa (Butterworth). He is currently based in Johannesburg, holding a BA in Live Performance (AFDA). He realised he had a talent at the age of 7 at a Sunday School and grew up with this amazing gift up to this day. He started his BA degree in 2015 after searching for so many years for his right career path. His inspiration spurs from multiple experiences including; his upbringing, relationships, loss, love and rejections to name a few, all of which are portrayed in his story-telling through music.
He has graced so many stages from Cape Town to Johannesburg and in 2018 he was nominated for best live performance for his EP launch “Qhubeka" at the AFDA awards where he graduated. Other nominees include a musical show, he was part of where he played a role of being a female security guard the show was called “High School sweethearts” derived from a Shakespearean play ‘A Midsummer night’s dream’
He was booked for various International events, one in Botswana for a 60th birthday of a retired healthcare worker he then went to Swaziland to perform at a wedding. In 2019 he was booked at one of the Eastern Cape's Big Events called ‘Berlin November’ held in Berlin outside East London performing alongside other well-known artists such as Berita, Zama Jobe and a classic Kwaito star, Sbu.
The songbird is open to various type of Genres but is mainly focused on Afro-soul/pop, African-jazz and R&B and is ready to take on the industry.


ZAButterworth, South Africa
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