Pretoria Youth Philharmonic Orchestra


The Pretoria Youth Philharmonic Orchestra was formed in 1996 after the disbandment of the North Transvaal Youth Orchestra. Although called a ‘youth’ orchestra, the orchestra also accommodates more senior, experienced student and young working players. The members of the orchestra form a dynamic, exuberant and social group of musicians of varied ages and levels of expertise who perform at various occasions, concerts and events. PYPO is conducted by Pienaar Fourie, who is a highly energetic and experienced musician. His excellent ability to work with young people and his incredible musical knowledge makes every rehearsal exciting.

Pretoria Youth Philharmonic Orchestra strives to implement a ‘musical circle’, whereby older and more experienced orchestra musicians guide and help younger musicians to feel secure and gain confidence and knowledge whilst enjoying the shared musical experience!


ZAPretoria, South Africa
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