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Nipsey is a multi genre artist known as Ice kidd previously born in Khartoum Sudan 9/Nov/2OO1.Birth name Benson Mike A.k.A Nipsey kidd a South Sudanese rapper known much by his moves on beats with the baddest producer in the city A.K.A Lolly on the beats.....

Nipsey kidd was signed by MG Kick under the crew known as Top Talent Empire where by the date 23/5/2k18 he always added on Saying by the year 2K2O he has more projects mind settled for much recognition of Trap music made by the talented Nipsey kidd......

Not forgetting raised by a single mother by name Joice Micheal Paul coz he lost his dear father Micheal Paul Abdallah in a motor accident by the age of 16 he started his musical journey and know famous with his hot trap track which was officially released in the beginning of January this year featuring Juba's finest rappers which was J Yang and Ice Ink of panda nation not forgetting Lolly made that beat......

Stage name:Nipsey kidd Other names:Trap demon,Gifted kid.Ice the kidd

Genre;Trap & RnB Record label:Hardline rec Favourite producer:Lolly beats. Much more ain't aiming for no fame this is for South Sudanese who understand the messages in music we make ain't forgetting comment on out industry No promotion without tribe mentioned so I jst say I'm a South Sudanese by tribe and soul....

Songs released by the kidd himself are as follows *Don't let me go. *Life is too short *My destiny *Self made *King X J Yang X panda


SSJuba, South Sudan
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Nipsey Kid

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