Jonilar is a prominent Ghanaian Digital Music Expert, Content creator and Humanitarian. With a wide range of expertise in music promotion, education, tourism, digital marketing, and more, Jonilar has made a significant impact on the music industry and various other sectors. He is the founder of, a reputable online portal known for its music promotion and education, as well as its contributions to tourism and digital marketing.

Music Industry Influence:

Jonilar is widely recognized for his influential role in shaping the streaming culture in Ghana. Through his work on radio, television, and other awareness engagements like the MTN Ghana Digital Music Conference, he has advocated for the need for a local streaming agenda. Jonilar has collaborated with numerous musicians, providing branding and marketing support. Notable artistes he has worked with include Gallaxy, Keeny Ice, Fuse ODG, Edem, R2bees, Vanilla Karr (Equatorial Guinea), LXG (Sierra Leone), Akesse Brempong, and Ewura Abena, among others.

Education and Humanitarian Initiatives:

As a former professional Teacher with the Ghana Education Service, Jonilar places great importance on education. He actively influences education in rural Ghana through his non-profit organization, Schools Support Project. This initiative focuses on providing deprived and remote schools with teaching and learning materials, mentorship engagements, and essential resources such as water and boreholes. Jonilar collaborates with partner organizations such as Rising Roots Foundation, GMK Foundation and Mandolf Foundation to make a positive impact in the lives of marginalized communities.

Tourism and Travel:

Born Jonathan Nii Laryea, Jonilar hails from Nungua in the Greater Accra region of Ghana. He currently serves as the managing director of Jonat Tours, a local travel and tour company that specializes in marketing domestic and foreign trips. With his extensive knowledge of the tourism industry, Jonilar actively promotes travel and explores the diverse natural and cultural attractions within and outside Ghana.

Passions and Interests:

Jonilar is driven by his passion for music, nature, agriculture, and supporting marginalized individuals in society. In his leisure time, he enjoys reading books and listening to music from various artists, including Bob Marley, Gramps Morgan, Edem, and Jay-Z, among others. Jonilar’s commitment to his work and his desire to make a positive impact define his professional pursuits and personal interests.

Jonilar is a multi-talented individual who has made significant contributions to the music industry, tourism, education, and humanitarian efforts in Ghana. With his expertise as a digital music expert and tourism marketer, he has played a vital role in promoting local talent and advancing the streaming culture in Ghana. Through his non-profit organization and collaborations with partner foundations, Jonilar actively supports education and provides essential resources to underprivileged schools. As the managing director of Jonat Tours, he continues to promote domestic and international travel, showcasing the diverse attractions Ghana has to offer. Jonilar’s passion for music, nature, agriculture, and uplifting marginalized communities has made him a respected figure in various industries, contributing to the growth and development of Ghana.


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It’s me and the geng �
This is Akuse in the Eastern region. #Akuse #VisitGhana #GhanaTourism
Kpledomi festival by the people of Prampram
Portrait de Jonilar

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Ghana train crash: Conversation with the Assembly member of the area + more.
Ghana train crash: Assembly member of the area fingers engineers. #GhanaRailway #PeterAmewu
Portrait de Jonilar

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Shatta wale’s manager, Sammy Flex congratulates Jonilar for great event PR . #ShattaWale #SammyFlex
Portrait de Jonilar

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Shatta wale supports fans during performance at Berekum. #ShattaWale #Berekum #Jonilar #GhanaMusic
Shatta wale is tired of saying WMT� #shattawale #GhanaMusic #Jonilar
Shatta wale performs “My level” at Berekum


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LXG Music
Track artwork
Gborgborvor ft Stonebwoy (Prod by Shottoh Blinqx)
Track artwork
Aurelia Republic
Insha Allah (Produced by Ball J Beat)


It’s me and the geng �
This is Akuse in the Eastern region. #Akuse #VisitGhana #GhanaTourism
Ghana’s biggest local rice producer is in Asutsuare
This is Osudoku in the Greater Accra region. #Jonilar #Osudoku #GreaterAccra #VisitGhana
Osudoku- Greater Accra region
I believe you also don’t know this about Prampram
Meet a 27-year-old smallish Nigerian lady. She is very calm, friendly, and beautiful.
Discover Native Prampram Names for Males and Females!
I woke up again to the beautiful sounds of Nature again at Prampram ���
Climax of the Kpledomi festival by the people of Prampram begins
Kpledomi festival by the people of Prampram
Kpedomi festival by the people of Prampram currently underway
Documentary photographer, Paul Addo at the Adinkra International Arts and Craft Show
Sharaf Maham, the son of the former President of Ghana and leader of the NDC, John Dramani Mahama
Thousands of supporters attends Edem Agbana’s Dzidudu Zoli at Dzodze in the Volta region.
Using social media as a tool to promote local festivals in Ghana. #KpledomiFestival
Ever wonder why Ga-Dangme people wear white during traditional ceremonies? #Prampram #GaDangme
Exploring the Kpledo festival by the people of Prampram in the Greater Accra region.
Advocating For Social Media Monetization On Ghana
Ghana train crash: Assembly member of the area fingers engineers. #GhanaRailway #PeterAmewu
Ghana train crash: Conversation with the Assembly member of the area + more.
Shatta wale’s manager, Sammy Flex congratulates Jonilar for great event PR . #ShattaWale #SammyFlex
Shatta wale is tired of saying WMT� #shattawale #GhanaMusic #Jonilar
Shatta wale performs “My level” at Berekum
Shatta wale - Kpuu kpa (Live at Berekum) #ShattaWale #GhanaMusic
Shatta wale - Nyame Medaase (Use this sound ) #shattawale
Shatta wale supports fans during performance at Berekum. #ShattaWale #Berekum #Jonilar #GhanaMusic
Shatta wale live in Berekum (Performance)
Shatta wale arrives in Berekum for “Konekt In Berekum”
This is Sunyani in dawn !
“Ghana, thank you for accepting me as your brother” - Ja Rule
Enjoy this song !
Kailee scales of Pencils of promise visits Ghana on a charity trip. #JaRule #JaRuleInGhana
@jarule1 breaks ground for construction of 6 classrooms block at Nuaso in Ghana . #JaRule
Fans of American rapper @jarule1 showed up at Nuaso to show love on his charity trip to Ghana .
Ja rule and wife presented with precious beads at Nuaso during charity trip to Ghana.
Deputy Minister of Tourism, Arts, and Culture Hon. Mark Okraku Mantey branded Ja Rule and his wife
Education is the pillar of the community, as American rapper Ja Rule tells Nuaso.
Ja Rule arrives in Nuaso for the sod-cutting ceremony of a six-classroom project. #JaRuleInGhana
Guess this part of Accra in Ghana! #Accra #VisitGhana #Jonilar #ThisIsAccra
Fellow Nigerians, this happened in Ghana many years ago. ����. #GhanaNaija #GhanaNigeria
Discover the Divine Gift: Exploring the Sacred Spring of Kpalbuisi, Ghana ��
Madina zone junction. One of the most popular landmarks in Accra,Ghana. #visitghana #Jonilar
What do you know about this Helicopter located at the #aburibotanicalgardens ? #VisitGhana #Jonilar
This is the Aburi Botanical Gardens in Ghana
Behind the scenes with @nanaamagyapong at the Aburi Botanical Gardens
Exiting Aburi Botanical Garden in Ghana. #Aburi #AburiBotanicalGarden #VisitGhana #Jonilar
On Mountain Gemi the second tallest mountain in Ghana. This is Amedzofe in the Volta region.#Jonilar
London is calling me �. is getting ready.
Who’s Jonilar ? #utvghana #Jonilar
The most disappointing trip ? #kintampo #Jonilar #VisitGhana
Revisiting the Past: Kunsu Slave Castle in the Bono-East Region of Ghana ��
Road to #Kunsu Slave cave in the Bono-east region of Ghana. Stressful but fun ����
Digital Music Education Seminar - Kintampo (Highlights)
Exploring ‘Hilltop’ a suburb of Kintampo in the Bono-east region. #Kintampo #BonoEastRegion
Discover the hidden gem of Kintampo Waterfalls – a must-visit destination!
Queen Elizabeth II once lived in Kintampo in the Bono-east region ?
This athlete from Benin is one of the best at the #africangames2023 . Who knows her name ?
African Games 2023: Ghana Triumphs Over Nigeria in Men's Volleyball Showdown
African Games 2023: Ghana Vs Nigeria (Warmup ) #AfricanGames2023 #Accra2023 #Jonilar
African Games 2023: Cameroon defeated Chad in the male volleyball tournament. #AfricanGames #Ghana
Accra’s weather today. #Accra #AccraRains #AfricanGames2023
African Games 2023: Musician Keeny Ice supports Benjamin Azameti
African Games 2023: Ghana’s Benjamin Azameti won. #AfricanGames2023 #BenjaminAzameti #Jonilar
Road to Ada Foah,Ghana’s tourism hidden gem �
African Games 2023: Borteyman Sports Complex
African Games 2023: Ghana Vs Gambia (Female Indoor Volleyball)
African Games 2023: Seychelles �� Vs Kenya (Female Volleyball �)
Road to Borteyman Sports Complex for the African Games 2023 in Accra,Ghana #AfricanGames2023
Inside Aburi's Wood carving village with Step by Step Enterpris
I visited Step by Step Enterprise (A wood craft) shop located in Aburi today. Full video soon.
I’m busy with Ma Lova - Renner returns to music
Ghana Supporters Union: Celebration mode at the opening ceremony of the UG Sports Stadium .
African Games 2023 opening ceremony
The leader of the Shatta Movement, Shatta Wale, is here for the African Games
Accra is getting ready for the Opening Ceremony of the 2023 African Games. #Accra2023
Vibes from Koforidua. Ghana at 67 . #GhanaAt67 #Koforidua #Jonilar #GhanaIndependenceDay
President Akuffo Addo arrives in Koforidua for Ghana 67th Independence Day celebration.
Ghana Independence Day celebration in Koforidua . #GhanaAt67 #ghanaindependenceday #jonilar #Ghana
Ghana’s 67th Independence Day celebration at Koforidua Youth Resource Centre #GhanaIndependenceDay
Exploring Aburi near Accra. #VisitGhana #Aburi #Jonilar
Exploring the city of Accra ahead of the African games 2023
African Games 2023: Commissioning of University of Ghana Sports Stadium (Highlights)
University of Ghana's Post-All African Games 2023 Legacy Plans Unveiled by Vice Chancellor
Our government has built more sports infrastructure in Ghana than… - Dr Bawumi
All African Games Accra 2024: Veep Dr Bawumia commissions University of Ghana Sports Stadium.
Black Queens of Ghana vs Zambia - Olympic Games Qualifiers
This is how the Zambia female team delivered their first goal � against the #BlackQueens of Ghana.
Pre-match warm up by both teams. The Black Queens of Ghana vs Zambia . #TheBlackQueens
Kute waterfalls (The longest cascade) #waterfalls #visitghana
A day at Dr. Kwame Nkrumah Presidential Library.
Brief history of Oguaa Fetu Afahye by the people of Cape coast. #OguaaFetuAfahye #CapeCoast
The #SaveGhanaFootball demonstration, led by sports journalist @saddickadams, #CountrymanSongo….
Ghana premier league players not called to the national teams ? #saveghanafootball
Save Ghana Football: Saddick Adams calls on government to address petition presented
Save Ghana Football demonstration underway in Accra. #saveghanafootball #afcon2024
Supporter of Ghana football demands change of leadership. #saveghanafootball #GhanaBlackStars
Football is the only thing unites us - Save Ghana Football
Bright Kankam Boadu of Pure FM in Kumasi joins #saveghanafootball
Gospel Musician Isaiah Kojo Ampong joins demonstration - #GhanaFootballAssociation
#SaveGhanaFootball: Supporters of Ghana football demands change of leadership
Bob Marley One Love Movie premier in Ghana. #bobmarley #bobmarleymovie
Workers in Dubai anytime it rains ��. #Dubai #unitedarabemirates #Jonilar
Ten(10) years of events & music in Jasikan: Conversation with Qwaku Messiah
Jasikan is one of the oldest towns in Ghana
Hon. Kofi Adams acknowledges Jonilar on Adom Tv for pushing Tourism
Exploring the newly discovered Kute Falls in the Oti region
Sauz August is passionate about music. Here him out
Harmattan pawpaw in Keta in the Buem area of the Oti region
Safo Newman talks inspiration behind “Akokoa”,Sarkodie’s tweet and more.
Exploring part of Treichville in Abidjan
#afcon2024: Ghana vs Egypt (Highlight for first goal)
Ghana Vs Egypt: When Kudus scored the first goal. #afcon2024 #cotedivoire #jonilar #Ghana
#Afcon2024: Ghana Vs Egypt
Ivorian born Ghanaians shares their #afcon2024 expectations
Exploring the street of Abidjan in Côte D’Ivoire during the #Afcon2024
Relationship: Can women shoot their shot?
Exploring the cultural significance of Beads in Ghana
Obour tabiri
Obour Tabiri [ The highest mountain in Koforidua �️ ]
Exploring Koforidua: The history, food, culture and more
Life of Benjamin: The only tour guide at Asenema Waterfalls
Happy New Week Folks ! #Monday #HappyNewWeek #NewWeek
Meet Obuobi Michael the farmer who discovered Asenema Waterfalls at Adukrom
Akosombo Dam Spillage: Belinda Bredzei shares her experience as a reporter
Mepe after the floods
A visit to Mountain Gemi at Amedzofe
Akosombo Dam Spillage: The situation at the Kpong Dam and how it’s been handled
Akosombo Dam Spillage: Confidence can not find even one of his pigs after the floods
Portions of the Juapong-Mafi Adidome road began to wear off after the floodwaters
He lost 10,000 catfish fingerlings to the Akosombo Dam spillage. SetorTMB calls for support.
Calling on all Business owners in Accra - Grab this opportunity now .
Ghanaian music icon, Epixode urges school children to take education seriously. #Epixode #Charity
Toilets facilities in Comboni Technical Vocational Institute Flooded
Should an outbreak of diseases occur in the affected areas right now, how prepared is the Ghana?
Sokpoe is displaced as a result of spillover from the Akosombo dam
Eden paradise in Sokpoe is flooded to to the Akosombo dam spillage
Current situation at Mepe as a result of the #AkosomboDamSpillage
Providing temporal support for #AkosomboDamSpillage victims
The Akosombo dam is currently operating to discharge some of the water from the Bagre dam
Akosombo Dam Spillage: Mepe is heavily impacted.
Vegetables from my backyard Garden. #CampYard �❤️�
Historic town of Elmina in the central region of Ghana. Have you been here before ?
Ajagurajah movement attends Akwamu Akwasidae kese at Akwamufie. #ajagurajahajagurajah
Skating in Cape coast Skating is gradually becoming an integral part of Ghana’s street culture.
Alikoto arts group from Winneba details they’re theme for the #OguaaFetuAfahye
How is this called in your local language? #AfricanCulture
The importance of Palanquins in Ghana
She’s 80years but strong. This is Ghana ��
24 hours with @Epixodemusic | #GhanaMusic.
Beautiful display of the Ghanaian cultural dance. #Adowa #TraditionalDance #Ghana
@KeenyIce this is for you �. #Hedze . @ABMGlobalHQ to the world ��
I only know @Epixodemusic ! Can you imagine ���. #Friendship.
Sharing the rich #oguaafetuafahyefestival activities with the rest of the world.
Royal dance performance by Akwamuhene Odeneho Kwafo Akoto III today
#OrangeFriday in Cape coast | #OguaaFetuAfahye #Jonilar #VisitGhana
Arnold Asamoah Baidoo congratulates Jonilar for Chalewote festival promo
Arnold Asamoah Baidoo commends Jonilar,Anny Osabutey and organisers of Chalewote festival
Travel blogger Ekow Simpson reviews #OguaaFetuAfahye
Media personality #ManiKay details the #OguaaFetuAfahyeFestival
Exhibition of talents at the #chalewotefestival
Gyedu-Blay Ambolley at #ChalewoteFestival
Welcome to Thursday. #motivation
We managed to pull the car out of the mud ��
Ghanaians patronise #chalewote2023 - Osu
#chalewote2023 - Naa Adjeley shuga expresses excitement about Chalewote festival.
Djibril Drame,visiual artist from Senegal addresses exploitation in Sabodala
Chalewote Street Arts Festival is live on Joy 99.7Fm with Lexis bill
S3xual transactional relationship is still a problem in South Africa - Botlhale Boikanyo
Surprise dance performance by Oheneyere Gifty anti at The Standpoint at 15 celebration
Oheneyere Gifty Anti celebrates 15 years of The standpoint.
Gifty Anti - Standpoint at 15
Chalewote festival - All white street procession
Day of Remembering: All white procession at Chalewote festival
Days of Remembering - All white procession.
The legend is here, Naa Amanua (Lead female vocalist,Wulomei)
Legendary Naa Amanua of Wulomei performance at Jamestown Boutique (PART 3)
Legendary Naa Amanua of Wulomei performance at Jamestown Boutique (PART 2)
Legendary Naa Amanua of Wulomei performance at Jamestown Boutique (PART 1)
@KwawKese1 don’t have bad songs anyway������
Asenema waterfall is one of the many waterfalls we have in Ghana and Eastern region for that matter
Hon. Kofi Iddie Adams highlights the need for music education among creatives
Get Inspired by Hon. Kofi Iddie Adams: Embrace Digital Music Education for Success!
Blasting my draft �. #VisitGhana #Aburi
Hon. Kennedy Agyapong is speaking…. #GhanaDecides #GhanaElections #GhanaNews
Rising Focus on the Business Aspect Over Pure Enjoyment - Dr. Hanson Akoto Baako
Saying Goodbye to Ho,Volta regional capital. #VoltaRegion #HoGhana #VisitGhana #KeenyIceFrazz
Let’s go to the Volta region for the Weekend. #VisitGhana #Jonilar
It can only be @iamEdem ����
1GAD @Stonebwoy ‘s very own Global icon ���������
Another perspective view of the Adome bridge ����. Ghana’s large suspension bridge
Another beautiful view of the famous Adaklu mountain �️ ���
Enjoy the beautiful view of Adaklu Mountain �️ in Ghana ��
Meditation � �
Such a beautiful moment to behold. #Lamajo returns this year with Epixode�❤️��
Edem is the best ���
One of the coolest places to visit in Ghana. Yes, that’s Afrikiko River Resort . #VisitGhana
Craftsmanship in rural Ghana. #Ghana #BeyondTheReturn #Jonilar
Work and happiness! Jamming with #Koene by @iamEdem ��. #RiverJamboree . Countryside
@KeenyIce is in the cut! #Frazz is the biggest #amapaino drop this year���� | @ABMGlobalHQ
Afrokhelly is one of the coolest in when it comes to dance culture in Ghana��
Say Hi to my friend Delaedem. She’s a vixen by profession. Yes, we support talents at
Morning routing. #Catfishing #Agriculture #FishFarming #Ghana #Jonilar
#CampYard: How do you call this in your location language? �❤️�.
Please how long does this type of Cassava takes to grow properly? We spent three(3) months waiting�
Good morning from #CampYard in Ghana. Feel all right ��.
Highlight: Tsadidi street art festival by Glenn Samm at Keta
The newly constructed HO road . #VoltaRegion
Recreating our heritage: A beautiful Ghanaian concept of love and harmony �� #africa
Catfish for sale at Amrahia - Accra
Street jamboree health walk according to media and creative director, @KobbiBlaq
Ewura Abena - It’s finished ✅ .
Street Jamboree Health walk on the Adome bridge at Atimpoku. @ghanaisbeautiful
Don’t miss the Strest Jamboree - Health walk next year July at Juapong | Powered by Champs
Street Jamboree was loud in July. See you in December for River Jamboree by Champs Hub GH
Thanks to Entertainment journalist & Music Business Executive, @SammyFlexTV for the ratings��
This is the Volta region you don’t see on your mainstream Tv stations. #beyondthereturn
#ChenkuWaterFall in Dodowa is one of the coolest you can find just few kilometres drive from Accra
Our lady of Fatima chapel at Tetema in the Jasikan area of the Oti region. Date: 23/9/1956
Digital Music Education Seminar - Oti region [ Announcement]
Patiently waiting for the Yapei Queen to dock for us to transit to Accra . #VisitGhana
Let me know if you’ve ever played this Ghanaian game growing up. What’s the name ? #visitghana
Marlin Beach Resort - Hidden Gem in Ghana. #VisitGhana
Larteh Akuapem: Of the populated places in the eastern region of Ghana.
@EwuraAbenaMusiq is such a kind soul
My first ever cucumber is almost ready for harvesting. Do you have some tips to share? Go ahead fam
Puberty rite: Dipo by the people of Somanya
Somanaya - Koforidua taking shape, 80% complete���
9 March 2023
River Jamboree is here to stay for the culture - Jonilar
River Jamboree to be included in #DecemberInGH line ups
Stonebwoy and Edem joins Epixode on stage at Lamajo
Congratulations to the #ghanablackstars . Yesterday’s victory means a lot to us.
Edem visits Juapong unannounced ahead of River Jamboree
River Jamboree: Where’s Volo located in the Volta region ?
Enjoyment in the wild - Soft life edition
Otumfuo Nana Osei Tutu II attends the 60th anniversary of Hogbetsotso festival
Local delicacy in the world
Creating brand identity for #RiverJamboree
Chenku Waterfalls at Dodowa in the Greater Accra Region
Cruising under the Tema - Akosombo Rail bridge at Senchi
Sarkodie rocks #globalcitizenfestival with Adonai featuring Castro
Gyakie performs her new song, ‘Something’ at #globalcitizenfestival
Sarkodie - Original | #GlobalCitizenFestival
Stormzy pulled Yaw Tog & Kwesi Arthur on stage for ‘Sore’ (Remix)
Schools Support Projects & Rising Roots Foundation donates at Adome near Atimpoku
Stonebwoy performs, “Go higher” live with the Bhim Band
@Mishasha_j signs record deal, announces release date for new song, 'It's you'
More love for Stonebwoy as he performs latest song, #Gidiga
Stonebwoy - Dede (ft. Kelvynboy)
Stonebwoy - Gidigba (Live performance)
@Stonebwoy - Mane me (Live performance)
Strique Phame - Konkonsa (Freestyle)
Kwame Tee delivers heavy Bars in Krobo, Twi and Pidgin-English
@KeenyIce - Deja Vu (ft. @Camidoh) is on a different level
Celebrated Ghanaian broadcaster, @MrKawaza endorses @KeenyIce as the next big thing.
I just came across this amazing Ghanaian talent, @iamkofibruce. NB:Not monetized
@ABEIKUSANTANATV endorses #SoundCheckEp by @KeenyIce .
Mental Health Advocate Sarah Kpeli partners with @SSPGhana to create awareness in Basic schools.
I don’t want peace I want problem, always [ TikTok sound]
Ella & Zao International School receives new School Uniform
Musician JJ GONAMI drops a freestyle for
Chief one performs #Novayi together with Keeny Ice | Jonilar freestyle
Clean Water Initiative: Drilling of Borehole begins at Dorfor Tornu
Christmas charity with Kidz closet at Kome
Pearl Naa Ashong urges pupils of Luom Presby School to take education seriously
Dorfor Tornu needs clean water now - Get involve
Schools Support Project: Girls for the future | Highlights four(4)
Clean Water Initiative: Drilling of Borehole at Kpokpornu [ Mandolf Foundation]
Jonilar verzuz KMJ: Who owns the best car ?
Schools Support Project: Profiling land for the building of Six(6) Classroom block at Avegame.
OTI REGION: Crossing over to Tamale with #YapeiQueen at Dambai |
Schools Support Project: & Epixode partner to provide Classroom block at Avegame
Schools Support Project: Distribution of exercise books with Epixode
#GreenGhanaProject: Epixode plants orange and urge colleagues musicians to join the campaign.
Exclusive chat with Hecta about De Seed Ep and more |
One-On-One with @agbeshiemusic in his home-lab
Schools Support Project: Charity trip to Gbagbavuinu near Battor
Koo kyei live Bryt 99.1Fm in Koforidua with Jah Solo |
Koo kyei live on Eastern 106.7/102.1Fm in Koforidua with Papa Franko, Dj Kinino & Mc Pabby
Koo kyei live on MY94.5FM with Elikem |
Koo kyei live on Aben 94.9Fm with Blogger & Talk show host, Kumi kasa.
Koo kyei live on Taste 90.9FM in Koforidua with Dj Viper |
Koo kyei live on Bryt 99.1FM with Dj Police |
Koo kyei live on Freedom 89.3 FM in Koforidua with Dj Stanzy & Nana Akua Danquah |
The Chill River Resort | Coolest family destination in Ghana�
Discussing Volta region's Tourism potentials with Selorm Ameza (Part One)
Keta has the cleanest beach in Ghana��
The Volta River - Ghana
Eat and Mind your own business.
International Forest Day
#Shorts : Wow� ! He peddles canoe with his ....
Independence Day Celebration in the bush with Demzy. -
Painting of our new canoe - Feels Good to be a Ghanaian
Things you must do to make it in the music industry
5 Reasons why Artistes fail with Social
who gets what? - How music royalties work
How to make money from music
This mystic stone in Ghana is believed to always return to its exact location when moved
Oti Region: Crossing River Volta at Dambai with Senchi ferry .
Obiri Tete - Life Be Beans (Acoustic session)
Mountain paradise lodge, Biakpa
Tema - Mpakadan Railway Construction (Highlights 2)
#Starpop: Female Dancehall Musician, iOna reine crushing on Hon. Aponkye�
#Starpop: Ghanaian female Dj Yummy crushing on Kofi Kinaata and .... �
#Starpop: Jah phinga reveals most embarrass*ng moment as an artiste and more
#Starpop: KD Bakes on his first kiss and favorite time of the day.
Stonebwoy disclosed he spent 50,000 Ghana Cedis on #VGMA 2019, should that be the case ?
InteractiveSession: Should Artistes get side business to support their musical career ?
Ascending the Aburi mountain by road
@rennermusic Has New Record Label, Talks Shatta Wale & Supports Stimulus Package for the creatives
Musician Obiri Tete on Music, Inspiration from Fela Kuti and Influence of Technology on Music. (P2)
Musician Obiri Tete on Music, Inspiration from Fela Kuti and Influence of Technology on Music (P1)
Dj Yummy returns to Radio, talks quality contents and experience with Kidi & Kuami Eugene.
iOna Reine speaks against body-shaming in music, Sex for favors and details on new music
Jah phinga on features with Kelvynboy, VMA 2020 and impact of Covid-19 on the creative economy
KD Bakes Talks new Ep, Camidoh, Management and Future plans for music.
#Borborbor: Tsito Awudome Dezor Borborbor Group
Commentary on Artistes and Record labels
How to builld an effective fanbase for your music
What should Independent artistes consder when choosing a manager
Commentary on Music streaming and Free downloads
Social media for artistes, which one is appropriate to consider
The future of Online musical concerts (Live streaming of events)
What Musicians can do during this Coronavirus outbreak
The role of Bloggers in Music marketing
Ghanaian rapper Keeny Ice hints about his debut album and plans for 2020 and beyond.
The future of Record labels and what artistes should know
Ep and Album: What are the differences in principles?
The future of Digital Music Marketing in Africa
Anlo Afiadenyigba Mezor blewu cultural troupe - Agbadza dance (Part two)
Anlo Afiadenyigba Mezor blewu cultural troupe - Agbadza dance (Part One)
Tegbi Dodove cultural troupe - Agbadza dance (Part two)
Tegbi Dodove cultural troupe - Agbadza dance (Part One)
Tenge korpe Lorlornufa cultural troupe - Agbadza Dance (Part two)
Tenge korpe Lorlornufa cultural troupe - Agbadza dance (Part One)
Nadine - Want You Back ft. Dar Rich (Official Video)
Kanye west Dashes Dj Khaled fresh sneakers at the airport
Kuami Eugene - Angela (Live at MTN Heroes of change 2019)
Bird view of Akosombo township
Adomi Bridge at Atimpoku (Full view)
Highlight: Maranatha Beach Campa - Ada Foah
Traditional music: Dekpetsi rhythm by the people of Klikor in the Volta region
A day trip to Prampram with Model and Blogger Glenn Samm
Meet Me There African Home Lodge: Best Destination to spend your summer in Ghana
Jesus lookalike spotted on the streets of Nairobi, Kenya
Tema - Npakadan railway construction (Highlights)
Trip to Shai Osudoku Forest (Highlights) Part one
Boti falls in the Eastern region of Ghana
The Sogakope Bridge in the Volta region
Avakpedome: Avakpe Protective Mountain
Mr shark - Y3 Rate (feat. Ras Kuuku, Flowkingstone & Yaa Pono)
Mr shark ft Ennwai, Medikal, Richy rhymz, Koo Ntakra - Shak attak
Mr Shark ft Strongman, Deon boakye & Evidence - Serial killer
Gospel ministry is an expensive trade - Musician Qwame Gaby
Takoradi Naval Base (Short video)
My work as former Consultant to the Volta music awards
Shatta wale on BBC 1xtra with Dj Edu
I did not sell out Shatta Wale - Pope Skinny Speaks
Victor AD Performs In Dubai
‪Sarkodie, Stonebwoy, Benedicta Gaffah, Shatta wale Supports MenzGold ‬
Road To Site 15: One-on-one with Mugeez of R2bees .
Dancehall musician, Shatta wale takes on Hiplife artiste Kwaw kese in a new live video.
Cape coast - Orange Friday 2018
Gallaxy’s Woti ate Outshine Patapaa’s One corner at Ghana Tertiary Awards 2017
Shatta wale - Oh Ghana
Obrafour - No vote (Prod by JMJ)
Sarkodie - Almighty (Produced by Magnom)
Dancehall Songstress Renner Comes Ebony?
MzVee - Daavi (Live)
Article wan- Faya Burn Dem (Live)
Agbeshie - Original (Live)
Hecta - Voodoo (Live)
Gallaxy ft Kofi Kinaata - My prayer (Behind The Scenes)
Mixing & Mastering Session: Dj Bibini ft Gallaxy X Keeny Ice X Evergreen
Dj Bibini ft Gallaxy X Keeny Ice X Evergreen (Prod by Shottoh Blinqx)
Boti Water Falls
Keeny Ice - Vitiligo Awareness Walk (HO)
Manifest ft Worlasi - 100% (Ghana Meets Naija)
Manifest - god Mc (Ghana Meets Naija)
Tonnero - Glory (Live On Atinka Tv)
Article wan - Faya Burn Dem (Live performance)
Adomi Bridge In Atimpoku
Medikal - Too Risky (Live)
Donzy ft Kofi Kinaata - Crusade (Live)
Sarkodie - Trumpet (Donzy's verse only live)
Reggie N Bollie ( VIAM 2017)
Fiamor - Trokoba
Efya and Friends Concert
Reynolds The Gentleman - Dadie Anoma (Live)
MzVee ft Pappy Kojo - Mensuro Obiaa (Live)
Merqury Quaye's performance at MzVee's 'Tiptoe Concert'
Kidi - Never Again (Live performance)
Adina - Too Late (Live)
Sierra Leonean Music Group LXG nominated for MTVBase Africa Awards
Gallaxy ft Stonebwoy- Gborgborvor (Live)
Osofo Maame Blessing on Flex On Pluzz
Gallaxy - Gborgborvor (Studio session )
Wizkid signs Ghanaian heavyweight acts R2bees, Efya and Mr Eazi to Star- Boy World Wide
Sizzla Hosts VGMAs Nominees Jam In Ho
Mr One on #FlexOnPluzz with Kwame Dadzie
King Lagazee - (Best Acceptance Speech)
Ghana Dj Awards 2016: Lexis Bill and Baba Spirit
Kwaw Kese - Let me do my thing
Kwaw Kese - For the popin
Here comes Renner - Dancehall diva on the rise.
Kumawood actress 'Kyeiwaa' dance to Pappy Kojo's 'Aye late'
Nii Funny and his bodyguard 'spoil there'.
Mercury Quaye bounce to Sarkodie's 'Original' at #BeachPartyWithDaStarz
Bukom Banku performed his version of Bisa KDei's 'Brother brother' at #BeachPartyWithDaStarz
Masaany the next big thing from Tema
Kmj rocks Beach Party With Da Starz
Amanda Jissih shows off her dancing skills
Gallaxy - Papa Bi (Music Video Snippet )
Songhor Lagoon in Ada - Pute
Maranatha Beach in Ada Foah
Rocky Dawuni ft Samini - Black star (Live)
Stonebwoy - Can't Cool (Live)
Songor Lagoon
Gallaxy - Papa Bi (Live On Citi 97.3 FM)
Gallaxy - Boo Boo (Freestyle session)
Gallaxy - Papa Bi (Freestyle)
Willi Roi - Don't Joke With Kwaku Manu' s "Neutral music"
Crossing the Volta lake at Atimpoku
Kwaku Manu reveal his secrets
Kwaku Manu Talks About His Music And Contract
JPhinga talks about Shatta Wale
Fiamor rocks Jam Town
Fiamor Rocks Jam Town (Party Pressure)
Cracked land surface in Ada Foah
Sogakope Bridge - Volta Region
Fiamor - Freestyle session
Maranatha Beach Resort
Ada Lagoon


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