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Originally established in 1965, Kenyatta University was granted its present title and status in 1985. It is situated 16 kilometres from the city of Nairobi. The Department owns a supply of African and Western instruments for student use, and some students also take additional lessons independently at the Kenya Conservatoire of Music. With a growing number of international students, the university holds an international students’ summer program which includes music.

Students, with arrangement from their home institutions, may transfer credit for subjects learned during the summer program. The University houses the East African Secretariat of the International Centre for African Music and Dance whose headquarters are located at the University of Ghana in Accra.

Special directory entry:
- Traditional Instrument Performance
-Music Therapy
-Instrument Collection
Ethnomusicology / Non-Western Music / World Music
Instrument collection: A supply of African and Western instruments for student use.


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