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As a qualified music teacher I taught piano and flute lessons to students for a couple of decades! Some of my other duties at schools included directing ensembles and choirs. In the process I learnt to write arrangements for these groups – initially they were all hand-written!

In the early 90s I was introduced to music software and pretty soon I was hooked, having started with Personal Composer, then moving to Musicator followed by Finale. In 1993 I did the music notation for an Afrikaans Music Dictionary. In 2007 I stumbled onto Sibelius and have not used any other music notation software since!

I started training mainly music educators in the use of Sibelius as well as PhotoScore, on a one-on-one basis, as well as doing presentations and workshops. In 2013 I started on-line training, which saves on time, travel and other costs.

In 2004 I published a music book with 5 suitably arranged pieces for junior melodic ensemble.

My other passion is to write musical arrangements for choirs and ensembles, as well as prepare print-ready scores (or theory books/exercises) for publishing purposes.

As a flautist/alto flautist I regularly play with “Track Five”, a jazz vocal group in Cape Town. We perform for concerts and corporate functions, mostly with a jazz trio and/or sax quartet. As the flautist of “Fairplay” a duo with keyboard, we play mostly for wedding ceremonies and small private functions.


ZAKraaifontein, South Africa
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Engela Fullard

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