Education Through Culture and Communication Organisation Gambia (ECCO Gambia)


The Education Through Culture and Communication Organisation (ECCOGambia) is a non-governmental organisation in The Gambia known for promoting cultural education and cultural entrepreneurship.

They run courses in West African music, dance and storytelling for University Students in Europe and the U.S. they also train local education students in traditional music and dance.
They offer assistance to community based organisations in the construction of cultural camps and train community groups in the management of cultural camps.

They promote culture as a tool for communication and information to community-groups in health- issues and democracy-issues.

ECCO Gambia is spearheads the Culture Kids program in The Gambia in collaboration with the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education, Ministry of Higher Education and Ministry of Tourism and Culture.

ECCO arranges student training courses in West African traditional music, dance and storytelling for International students of Higher Education.

The teachers are West African traditional musicians so called Griots. Music is traditionally taught from generation to generation and the courses they arrange give the student a unique opportunity to get an insight. All the courses have a performance aspect, where the idea is to transform the music taught into own instruments and to produce a piece of new music together as artists.

Every April, ECCOGambia and ECCO International arrange an open introduction course, where all students and professionals within the field of culture are invited.

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