Musical Society of Nigeria (MUSON)


The Musical Society of Nigeria (MUSON) was founded as a result of the interaction and commitment of some friends who love and appreciate classical music. These included Mr. Akintola Williams, Mr. Louis Mbanefo, Chief Ayo Rosiji, Chief Rasheed Gbadamosi and Mrs. Fracesca Emanuel. Along with Sir. Mervyn Brown, then British High Commissioner in Nigeria and Lady Brown. These distinguished Nigerians stimulated interest and awareness of Nigerians, especially in Lagos, of the richness and elegance of classical music.

The Muson School of Music was founded in 1989, to provide practical classical music training. Its programme leads to the award of a Diploma in Music.

The MUSON Symphony Orchestra (MSO), founded in July 2005 with 40 members, gave its debut concert later in the same year under the direction of Paul Konye, the pioneer Conductor. The founding of the Orchestra was one major achievement on the list of MUSON’s planned artistic development.

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