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Based in California, in the U.S., Virtual Sheet Music is an online organization which provides musicians, as well as all music lovers, with the ability to quickly locate sheet music. Desired titles can be downloaded from website directly to the user's home computer, and subsequently displayed and/or printed. Users can also listen to and enjoy audio MIDI and Mp3 files for any item in the catalog. Virtual Sheet Music has become one of the leading sources for Classical Sheet Music Downloads and for other music products and services serving over 20,000 users daily. The collection features sheet music from South Africa, Madagascar, and many other African countries.

Its specialties are custom arrangements and music transcriptions: It is the only site that offers this. The organiation encourages its customers to suggest new sheet music titles not yet found in its library, and evaluate and respond to such requests whenever possible.

Virtual Sheet Music distributes any kind of music in the most modern and legal way, but the classical repertoire is still its specialty since 1999. People may purchase sheet music from Virtual Sheet Music by using any credit or debit card (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, etc.).

Virtual Sheet Music distributes requested music exclusively via direct download or e-mail. All musical scores in their library are immediately available for download. Titles not found may be requested for consideration.

Starting from the Main Downloads users can download selected music scores directly, or receive them via e-mail after entering a valid e-mail address.

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Virtual Sheet Music
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