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Dr. Cleniece Owino is a lecturer in the Department of Music and Dance at Kenyatta University, Kenya where she has taught music education courses for the last twenty years.

Dr. Owino’s research interests are in music education and classroom teaching with a particular interest in secondary schools and universities. She also supervises postgraduate students and is a member of the School of Visual and Performing Arts (Kenyatta University) academic board, executive board as well as the curriculum review board.

She has participated in the North South South, Music, Education and Culture and Identity Project which was aimed at boosting cultural identities of music educators and teachers in Africa and Finland. She was given an opportunity to make presentations to staff and students in the Department of Music at the University of Jyvaskyla, Finland. In 2017 she was also privileged to attend the African Scholars Program offered by Berklee College of Music in the US where she had an opportunity to attend and observe classes, as well as audit a couple of on-line courses offered by the college.

Dr. Owino is a choir director for the children’s choir at her local church and is currently involved in equipping/training potential choristers and choir directors in various churches, with music theory and aural skills. She is a member of the Pan African Society for Musical Arts Education and the International Society for Music Education.

KENairobi, Kenya
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Cleniece Owino

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