Zamangwa (born Moses Zamangwa) is a Tanzanian saxophonist based in Dar es Salaam.

Zamangwa began music as a guitarist in 2010. He switched to saxophone and currently specialised in the alto saxophone. Zamangwa plays Afro-jazz, gospel, Tanzanian traditional music, soft rock and Latin. He also fuses jazz with mganda, chihoda lizombe, ligambusa, lindeku and kingwangwa.

In 2015, Zamangwa released an album titled 'Yote Kwa Yesu' (All To Jesus). The album did well on the local Christian music market. 'Yote Kwa Yesu', a song off the same album, became more popular among local Christian congregations.

As of 2019, Zamangwa finished working on his second album 'Afrika Yetu' (Our Africa). The album is a collection of his compositions that seek to revive African traditional music. The album also fuses jazz and its lyrical content tells stories of Tanzania's forgotten culture.

Zamangwa has traveled for music-related activities to such countries as Indonesia, Turkey, Qatar, Germany, France, Switzerland, Australia and Lithuania. He has worked as a saxophonist at German company Mother Africa and with France's Cirque Phenix. Zamangwa provides private saxophone lessons but also volunteers to teach kids and young musicians how to play the saxophone.

As of 2019, he was attending music lessons with Global Music Action courtesy of Goethe-Institut and the EU.

His past performances and achievements are as follows:

- 2013, Tour in Germany, Switzerland, Lithuania and Indonesia with Mother Africa as saxophone player.

- 2014, Tour in Qatar and Turkey with Mother Africa as saxophone player.

- 2015, Tour in France with Phoenix Company as saxophone player.

- 2016, Tour in Australia with Cirque Africa as saxophone player.

- 2016, Karibu Music Festival, Bagamoyo, Tanzania.

- 2017, Dawati Festival (fundraising event for primary schools), Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

- 2017–18, Tour in France with Cirque Phenix as saxophone player.


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