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AGMoshwonder Derasta_Mzansirsa is a talented musician, specializing in Reggae, Dancehall, and Afrobeats. At 26 years old, this dynamic artist was born in Molteno, a town near Queenstown hotspot in South Africa.

A highlight of AGMoshwonder Derasta_Mzansirsa's career was the opportunity to perform in a virtual concert held in the USA. He has collaborated with numerous producers and artists both within South Africa and internationally.

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Artist Profile of Abongile Gxekwa , known as AGMoshwonderDerasta_Mzansirsa

- Abongile Gxekwa known as AGMoshwonderDerasta was born and raised in MOLTENO a small town located in the Eastern Cape Province (South Africa)the year 1997 on the 31 of January. I am an Upcoming Reggae Musician, Dancehall and Afrobeats Artist. The artist (myself) finished grade 7 in Nceba Primary School, went to complete high school in Joe Slovo Freedom High from grade 8 to grade 12 but unluckily i did not pass my grade 12.

- The year 2012 i lost my mother due to natural causes and i believe it was when it all became reality that i can write messages from deep ends of the heart.

- In 2018 before the year end, going to 2019 i started to become more focused on the music production through a friend's Music Production called "Zitha Music Production" where i recorded my first song titled "Yiza Mzala" a kwaito version and it's the production where i recorded 3 tracks under the Red Blood Road riddimwise Album 2020 (available on all music streaming stores).

- The 2020 riddim wise album features tracks recorded through different studios, Theshman Music Production and MTZ record. I've worked with a Publishing Production known as "QueenSoulVibes SA" in help through promotion of the album and future projects. I have performed in events around my town (video on YouTube). I also became a nominee on MAMA2020 under the category of "Best Upcoming Artist" and through this year 2023 i have been nominated on the MAMA2023 "Mzansi Arts and Media Awards" under the same category, to which i am greatful to be a nominee again on the Awards as i have made it through the Awards as a Nominee Finalist #MAMA23. I have been part of the 4KHAS REGGAE TOP CHARTS and won such levels through the program (see proof on the group's Facebook page @Afrisceneradio @4KHASREGGAETOPCHARTS2021 and year 2022 where i won slot or became number 1 on the leader board.

- I joined hands of work with the Record Label/Production known as "La Familia Gang record" from the year 2021, the same year i got to have my first international interview with a Dancehall Dj from the United Kingdom through an online show "UK Tuff Live show" by DJ DaddyUK which is available on YouTube and on the Dj Instagram platform. I released songs through the production the year 2022, i got to perform in a Virtual Concert on 7th May 2022 held in the USA (Chicago, Illinois) hosted by Mr Lafayette Hamilton which...

ZAQueenstown, South Africa
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