ASEDEVA (Art for Social and Economic Development in Africa) Association was founded in 2012, and registered as non-profit organisation working in Tanzania, for the benefit of the Tanzanian performing art community and population as a whole. ASEDEVA believes in the abilities of Tanzanians to engage with their own social issues through creative work and discussion, inspired by art activities. We also believe in the power of the creative arts to make a positive change.

Our vision is to allow the artistic gifts of Tanzanians to serve as source of human, social and economic development. We advance this goal through our different arts and events programs and projects such as Marafiki International Music Festival (annual event), Haba na haba International Dance Festival (annual dance event for traditional and contemporary dance), Marafiki Night Live (monthly live music showcase) workshop training, networking and other commissioned work in short term projects. We work together with artists to increase the visibility of performance art in Tanzania and aim to improve the demand for contemporary art performances in Tanzania.

WHAT WE DO: Creating and providing cultural exchange projects in collaboration with different companies and cultural organizations. ASEDEVA is producing dance, music and theater performances for various events and festivals. ASEDEVA is also reaching out to school art and cultural programs, educational resources and training tools for projects that seek positive change
HOW WE WORK: ASEDEVA approaches different projects with its own extensive knowledge in the creative sector. ASEDEVA´s experience is based on conducting theatre research, workshops and producing performing arts productions (dance, theatre and music) that suit a range of audiences including youth, women, adults and other groups with special needs.


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