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This project was initiated by the Hip Hop artist PPS, the Writah whose talent, sense of leadership, and social engagement are well recognized. That’s the reason why he was selected to take part in the Onebeat program initiated by Sound Found Nation and the American State Department. That program regrouped 32 musicians from 21 different countries; it consisted of a residence in Florida and a tour on the Eastern Coast of the United States.

« Sunu kàddu », which means « our word » in Wolof, the Senegalese national language, wants to be a setting for education and a cultural expression melting pot embodied by the youths, that bases its legitimacy on the need for expression and better conditions for young people whose creativity and vitality don’t always find legal and structured settings to express themselves.
Hip Hop, which is the most outstanding means of expression for urban culture, is like the tree that hides a forest of ignored, and despised popular initiatives.
All our actions and activities stem from those popular initiatives, with the hypothesis according to which youths have aptitudes to analyze their own situation and promote changes necessary to their own social and economic advancement.

Our hobbyhorse is education, which is one the main sectors in difficulty in our country. We also mix business with pleasure to give motivation to youths, who are losing points of reference. And since 2013 SUNU KADDU is the first Official Records Label in the city of RUFISQUE/DAKAR

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