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Patricia Kihoro is a Kenyan based singer. She participated in the third season of Tusker Project Fame, a Kenyan singing competition TV show. She was a finalist.

In 2011 she performed in Norway on a 6 day tour with Norwegian tap guitarist, Ole Staveteig. She has shared numerous stages with renowned Kenya musicians such as Just A Band, K.S.Mbugua, Aaron Rimbui, Harry Kimani as well as American Jazz’s great, Gerald Albright. Her vocals have been used on several advertising campaigns.

It is Kihoro’s dream to share amazing music by amazing African artists that may not necessarily be mainstream but are immensely talented. “The fact that foreign artists can get acclaim and praise just by virtue of being from abroad, yet we have artists here that are just as, or even more talented than some foreign artists baffles me and makes me quite sad” she says.

Kihoro is currently working on a collaboration with Kenyan artist Blinky Bill and Kenyan producer Dillie.


Track artwork
Insomnia Dream Mash Up Cover
Track artwork
Like You - Nemesis and Patricia Kihoro
Track artwork
Loving Wrong - Calvo Mistari & Patricia Kihoro
Track artwork
Ngoma - Acoustic


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Patricia Kihoro Performing "Ngoma" Live.
KENairobi, Kenya
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