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Kuzilive Entertainment Ltd. is an artist and music management company. It also does entertainment, events, and artist promotions based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
It has handpicked expert managers with a vast range of experience and connections. They have a diverse skill set and are ready to help an artist navigate the complexities of the music industry.

Kuzilive Entertainment was established in 2017 by H.A. Mandai, also known as Mbasa, a passionate music lover who always wishes to support young artists and help them pave the way for their music careers. He started his daily work routine accompanied by other talent managers, including Ande Emily and Elisante''Ellis''Mola, and started to manage the Wamwiduka Band, who were a nomadic, unknown cultural music band in Mbeya. Under this management, they booked several events for the band within and outside the nation starting in 2019 up to 2022, including:

7th -10th February 2019, Ngome Kongwe, Zanzibar – SAUTI ZA BUSARA.

23rd -25th August 2019, Malaika Beach,Dar es salaam, Tanzania – ONGALA MUSIC FESTIVAL.

30th August 2020 , Nafasi Art Space, Dar es salaam, Tanzania – Live Session for “MIDEM AFRICAN FORUM” – Spotlight on East Africa.

7th -10th, December,2020, Bagamoyo, Tanzania – ONGALA MUSIC FESTIVAL

26th – December 2021, Tanzania National Stadium, Dar es salaam, Tanzania – SERENGETI FESTIVAL

28th -30th ,October 2021, Bagamoyo, Tanzania – INTERNATIONAL BAGAMOYO ARTS FESTIVAL.

27th – November 2021, Johannesburg, South Africa – ACCES MUSIC IN AFRICA CONFERENCE

4th – December 2021,Dar es salaam, Tanzania – KOMAA CONCERT.

11st – December 2021,Dar es salaam. Tanzania – SAUTI MPYA FESTIVAL

11st -13rd February 2022, Ngome Kongwe, Zanzibar – SAUTI ZA BUSARA FESTIVAL

The office is located at Mikocheni in Dar es salaam Tanzania, 

TZDar es Salaam, Tanzania
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