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Judah Bass Praise is an artist from South Africa. 

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A Musician that believes instruments are just tools that enable us to tell a story about ourselves, nature, what affects people around us or environment, explaining all that's embedded in our souls in an intangible form bringing it all to life.

Music isn't an art but the mother of all science, music speaks and depending on who is listening and who hears music opens its doors of vast knowledge, to a completely magical world almost hard to believe a world where nothing is impossible.

Music like magic is one form of miraculous formations that brings inanimate things to life, in a format of sound but to be precise in a form of vibration, which to me is life that enables the unforseen or the unheard to be experienced in tangible form.

From a township south of Johannesburg called Soweto......an awesome place indeed that influenced most of my playing and still does, through its diverse culture, different ethnic groups, street life as well as the communities vibration. On its own the community taugt me everthing has a mind and an understanding everything vibrates back sending a message.

The neighbourhood is fused with a lot of diversity to an extent that, staying the same or keeping to a specific Sound for a musical perspective would regard one as non creative.

Growing up here is a privilege for vivid reasons........

1. The people
2. Culture
3. Street wise Characteristics
4. Continuous growth
5. Vibrations

By vibration I mean life itself and the fuel source to keeping the planet heart throb alive is vibration. Music is vibration and anything thats alive vibrates, I mean it's in motion.

When it comes to the type of music I do, I really don't have a definition and like race I think Music has only one form and shouldn't be placed in a box to say it's jazz, rnb or pop I believe Music is the only definition that fully expresses it enough, I often say good music is what I do to just avoid putting life in a cage.

Music has to change lives, tell a story and irrespective of the lyrics put in a song, music alone should flow towards informing the world of a dimensions they aren't exposed to, a world of wonders and a land where nothing is impossible if only you believe........a magical world that is yet to be discovered.

I believe that one day my music will bring freedom to the people in Africa and by freedom i mean mental liberty, changing their lives toward altering their point of view to an abundance of opportunities. I will not stop playing my instrument until I achieve that.

World peace is the focal Idea and if music brings people together why not use it to create a nuclear bomb of love and happiness all over the world. Why is it that the world makes weapons for destruction and not...


ZAJohannesburg, South Africa
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