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Czly Beats is an independent musical Artist from Saul Mkhize Village in the Mpumalanga Province. His Birth name is Sizwe Manana, born in in 1995 at kaKholwane eSwatini. He is a Music Producer, Beats & vocal producer based in any kind of music/genre.
He Started music career in Saul Mkhize Village after passing his grade 12 class of 2013 he started doing music in 2014 until present. He formed a music group called Dope Civil Music Paradox to make the music production movement in the community.. He started by the genre of Hip Hop, House Music and R&B music since it was the most genre with more artists in the community. His sound usually has the Czly Beats Tag when the instrumental starts.
In 2015 he studied Digital Music Production Short Course at Intec College to boost his skills and Qualifications for the career. That when he started working with any Kind of music and starts to understand music deeper. He worked with almost 90% of local artist in Saul Mkhize Village, for Example Ichunu Elihle & Mthofothofo (Maskandi artist under God-given Prevails Production), Musero (Hip-Hop/kwaito under R_Qagu Records) Oddity, C-Less, DJ Jamzo, DJ Robzer and many more upcoming artists.
Instruments: FL Studio Synths, Cubase.

ZAJohannesburg, South Africa
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