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Uyinmwen Omosigho (born 22, December 1990), known professionally as Don Vs,
is a Nigerian singer and songwriter, He records mostly in Benin, his native tongue.

He started singing at the age of 14, with two of his close friends back then in secondary school, they did couples of songs together and do perform them on a popular tv show called beat & laugh, then in Benin City, after some time’ they went different ways to forward their education,

He took music professionally in 2014 when he left Nigeria to Europe. Don VS was working on his craps and trying to keep the music going, In 2017 he released the song that brought him on the map” titled Iwinukpo” (Road work) the song went viral in diaspora and he became one of the biggest artists in Europe.

The song also brought him a lot of awards, the Best song of the year 2017 (ABMA AWARDS” Italy)
Most popular artist of the year 2018 (CREATIVITY MERIT AWARDS Belgium)
Best artist song of the year 2018 (CREATIVITY MERIT AWARDS Belgium)
Best Europe artist of the year 2018 (MONEY IS MONEY ENT AWARDS Nigeria)

After his Europe tour, he went to Nigeria to released another single titled “pride” and the song did massively as usual, and he drops other singles along.

In 2019 he won the diaspora artist of the year” (Nega 2019 Germany) which was presented by one of the biggest art in Nigeria” 2face Idibia (2Baba).

All his songs were released on his own official Lable “ALOMORECORDS” as an independent artist.


Portrait de Don Vs

Don Vs a ajouté une nouvelle vidéo

DON VS - OBOEHUHE ft AKOBE (Official Audio)
Portrait de Don Vs

Don Vs a ajouté 2 nouvelles vidéos

Thank you Bremen Germany �� ��
The arrival of Akobe for Don Vs concert #music #party #dance #afrobeats #africa
Portrait de Don Vs

Don Vs a ajouté une nouvelle vidéo

Portrait de Don Vs

Don Vs a ajouté 2 nouvelles vidéos

Another short down” Don Vs live in Offenburg Germany


DON VS - OBOEHUHE ft AKOBE (Official Audio)
The arrival of Akobe for Don Vs concert #music #party #dance #afrobeats #africa
Thank you Bremen Germany �� ��
Another short down” Don Vs live in Offenburg Germany
Can’t wait to be here again “Don Vs live in Toulouse France
EFE out now � “Don Vs ft Bro Destiny & Famous Akaba
Don Vs - Efe ft Bro Destiny x Famous AKABA
1st Oz ft Don Vs (Ota)
Just give me mic and confirm why they call me Eu Star Boi 001 “thank you Treviso Italy
Don Vs night visit to lady sandoka house in Benin
Don Vs house warming party at the Eu Star Boi villa
Don Vs 2 hours live on stage and album lunch ft Akobe, Osahenoma Esewi, Famous Akaba and many more
DNA out now
Don Vs - Dna (Official Video)
DNA out now
Don Vs - DNA (Audio Visualizer)
Don Vs has the most amazing fans ever (Live in Palemo Italy)
Every event is a shutdown (Don Vs live in Sassari Italy)
Don Vs makes millions as Europe Billionaires Attend MR & Mrs Don Nelly omos “kid’s birthday (Belgium
Don Vs live in Palma del Mallorca Spain ��
Watch till the end � “Having this concert for my daddy makes me feel so fulfilled ( ft Edo Artists
First Event after my Dad’s funeral “Thank y’all Munich Germany
My Father’s Funeral (Day 2) #donvsdadduneral
My Father’s Funeral (Day 1) #donvsdadduneral
Don Vs took Edo Afrobeat Globally as he Sold out his Stuggart Germany show
My little support to the Orphanage, School, and the Needy (In celebration of my Godmother birthday)
Easter Saturday in Verona Italy with Don Vs
Don Vs on a crazy performance in Rome Italy
DON VS Visit Akobe the Music Oracle” to say thank you for all his support and pays legendary homage
Don Vs live in Pamplona Spain for the first time
Don Vs surprise two Tigers as he arrived from Nigeria to celebrate with him on his son’s birthday
Don Vs - Shurroty (Child Benefit Album)
Don Vs - Iwinukpo (Child Benefit Album)
Don Vs - Money Prayer ( Child Benefit Album)
Don Vs - Pride ft Don Cliff (Child Benefit Album)
Don Vs - Ameze (Child Benefit Album)
Don Vs - Omobe ft Star Majesty (Child Benefit album)
Don Vs - Osasu In Europe (Child Benefit album)
Don Vs - Lazy Aproko ft Two Tigers ( Child Benefit album)
Don Vs - Single Mother ft Influence Akaba (Child Benefit album)
Don Vs - Ze Edo ft Xandi Moral (Child Benefit album)
Don Vs - Child Benefit (official Audio)
Don Vs Sold out London �� last night “Big love to y’all ❤️‍� 24Bits #edonimose
With Degbuyi Oviahon in Uk �� is always fun �
Don Vs live in Manchester Uk �� Totally Sold Out #Edonimoseconcert2021
Don Vs short down Birmingham Uk �� last night #EdoNiMose concert 2021
Don Vs live in Bordeaux France (a night with the vibe king)
Don Vs live in Grenoble France ( Kokolet Longthing album lunch
See how Barcelona Spain show’s love to Don Vs last night” during his performance
Don’t Answer this two names in Diaspora” Eu Star Boi and Eu Giants (Don Vs live in Parma)
Don Vs perform at Edo Carnival 2021 Roma Lazio
Don Vs Sold out the biggest Africa club in Napoli Italy
Another history was made last night” Don Vs short down Paris
Don Vs Normal Life outside Music
Don Vs Said he loved Lamezia people as they enjoy his performance
Don Vs has turn wedding to a concert (Live in Imperia Italy)
Don Vs and Amb Doin Osagie Turn Up for Social Media President Birthday Party
Don Vs has made another history as he performed Osasu in Europe on is world tour in Toulouse France
Don Vs - Osasu In Europe (Official Video)
Don Vs Sold Out Foggia last night” as the crowd came out in mass
Where una for they see Belle �Don Vs Single Mother challenge ft fans with fake pregnancy
Don Vs - Single Mother Challenge ft Social Media President And Fans (part 1)
Don Vs Music Feast (season 1) ft Famous Akaba, Osahenoma Esewi, Ag Silimi, da Silver,
Don Vs took his parents out for Valentine’s �
Don Vs - Osasu In Europe (Official Audio)
Don vs live at Don Cliff wedding (Verona Italy)
Nigerians in Italy move the Endsars protest to Nigeria Embassy in Rome Italy
Fans show massive love as Don Vs perform live in Prato Italy (Dj Ss money birthday bash)
Don Vs speaks on what the fans should be expecting from the deal with Kristo Stitches Wears
This is what happens when you book Don Vs for your weeding ( Mr & Mrs Dj kris weeding, Asti Italy)
De single mother crooner always delivered” Brindisi Italy was shutdown on Don Vs world tour 2020
Don Vs has been signed to Kristo Stitches Wears as their brand ambassador, (Saturday 12 Sep 2020)
Another shutdown, thanks you Sassari Italy (Don world tour 2020)
Don Vs - Money Prayer (Official Video)
It can only be God �� “Lyon France �� was sold out �
Don Vs His Really A Stage Monster, Watch How He Short Down Genova Italy With Single Mother
Don Vs - Money Prayer (Official Audio)
Don Vs live In Finland �� (Mr & Mrs Joseph Ederaro Wedding Ceremony)
Don Vs Life performance At Social Media President House Birthday Party (Germany)
Don Vs ft Influence Akaba - Single Mother (Official Video)
Man of the year sthdio appreciation
Don Vs De stage killer will be live in brescia city Italy Dec 24th night 2016
Watch me live in Torino city Italy 4th Dec 2016 #Naked Arena
Naked Arena #Don vs confirmed with the gang
Don vs x uyiciti (okaigbe panda cover) studio section 2
UyiCiti and Don Vs live performance at naked night in brescia full episode
UyiCiti and Don Vs live performance at naked night in brescia episode 1
Rym D Orimi (official video)
Don vs ft Ag Silimi Agboviosa
Don vs ( Gbagam )
Don vs (No money no friend)
YOYO Nicecross ft Unclepe (Prod. by BerryBlue)
EDE O EDOSA DARLING ( official video)
Blessed ft Zealot X Shenery ( ODOR Husband )
Don vs ( Bom Bom )
Don vs & Tu brain off to frankfurt show Germany
Don vs & Tu brain live in frankfurt episode 2
A.G Entertainment show skit
Don vs & tu brain live in frankfurt
Don vs birthday 2015
Dance on the sound episode 1 song by Don vs
A.g Silimi Agboviosa (calabar love)
Blessed ft zealot (Adesuwa) Edo afro-beat #Alomorecords
Don vs (the sound )
Don vs ft Sheggey Remy (Taking Over)
Don vs making a easy afrobeat @ALOMO RECORDS
SHAKE BY DON VS (Alomo Records)
ONE WORLD by DON VS (Alomo Records)
Show skit @king Obas album lunch torino Italy(Alomo Records)
Don vs live performance @frankfurt Germany (Alomo Records)
Don vs ft sis Esther O Edokpayi (follow you)
Don vs ft scottknock & Buju alomo bitter
Don vs catch me fever official audio
Don vs ft Ay & part g sample your body official au
A.g silimi Gentle man official audio
Don vs off to the show
Show skit #frankfurt Germany
Don vs live performance @Ludwigshafen mitte German
Don-vs & tu-brain (amore) official audio
Don vs si-si-ako official audio
Don vs & tu brain show skit 2 #Germany street
Don vs & tu brain show skit #Germany turn up
Don vs with Tu-brain #studio_section #Rough_job
Don vs ft Danny alomo bitter remix official audio
Don vs birthday morning speech
Don vs birthday invitation by is x music manager
Don vs birthday invitation jingo #germany


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