Music In Africa Gender@Work

Kigali Rwanda , 2024
The African Hub for Women in Music


Music In Africa Gender @ Work is a pan-African, women-focused programme aimed at upskilling and increasing the participation of female professionals in the African music sector. Launched by the Music In Africa Foundation (MIAF) in April 2019, the programme provides industry training, networking and lobbying opportunities for the interests of both professional and aspiring female music practitioners. Offering a mix of theoretical courses, practical immersive learning iterations, networking opportunities, employment and internship possibilities as well as mentorship, and advocacy at a continental level, Gender @ Work offers hope for the future of women in the African music industry and can have a domino effect in other CCI sectors.


La Fondation Music In Africa (MIAF), en partenariat avec Scènes Australes, invite les aspirantes directrices de production événementielle, basées en Afrique et dans l'Océan Indien à postuler pour...


Founder - Young Music Boss (UK)
Research & Development Manager - Momix (Mauritius)
Cultural curator and musician (Sudan)
Production manager (Zimbabwe)
Sound engineer & CEO of Women In Live Music (Denmark)
Curator - Sziget Festival (Hungary)
Production manager (Kenya)
Audio and lighting technician (UK/Australia)
Producer, composer & lecturer (South Africa)
President - International Music Council
Fondatrice et présidente - Afrikayna (Maroc)
Songwriter, vocalist and founder at Bae Electronica (South Africa)


The broader objectives of the programme are to:

  • To offer long-term, professional, capacity-building activities to female music practitioners across the music industry in Africa;
  • To facilitate exchange, training, employment and networking opportunities for female music practitioners in and outside of the continent;
  • To create a safe space for women in the music industry to exchange, learn and develop their skills;
  • To raise awareness, advocate and mobilize against the gender disparity in the music industry.

The Music In Africa Gender@Work training programme is implemented in partnership with Scènes Australes, Women In Live Music, Siemens Stiftung, Goethe-Institut and Région Réunion with the support of the Institut Français and the French Development Agency within the framework of the 'Access Culture' program.


Music Business – Online module, with classes in October 2024

Module overview:

With the Music Business module, learners will dive deep into the fundamental aspects of the music industry. In this intense online course, we'll explore the key components of the music business value chain, management principles, branding and marketing strategies, and critical topics like intellectual property. Whether you're an aspiring artist, manager, or entrepreneur in the music industry, this module will equip you with the knowledge and skills to navigate the dynamic world of music business successfully.

As part of the online module, you'll have the opportunity to connect with fellow participants from diverse backgrounds, fostering a supportive and collaborative learning environment.

Additional benefits include mentorship sessions and possible further internships at other events and music businesses in Africa and Reunion Island.

Event Production – Classes to be attended in Kigali, Rwanda in November 2024

This module covers

  • Keys to producing a successful music event: festival data, event planning, budgeting, partnerships fundraising.
  • Stage management: stage design and construction, scheduling shows and sound checks, technical rider analysis, back-line, artist liaison, crisis management, gender and social challenges in the music industry.
  • Live sound engineering (introduction): audio fundamentals, sound systems, mixing, safety, equipment.
  • Stage lighting (introduction): lighting design and control, equipment, lighting plots, rigging.

The practical learning provides all trainees an opportunity to intern at ACCES – a three-day music trade event featuring concerts, conferences and exhibitions. This immersive module covers all facets of production, including stage management, conference logistics, stage sound, stage lighting, and artist liaison. Additional benefits include mentorship sessions, networking and possible further internships at other events and music businesses in Africa and Reunion Island.