Serge Maboma - Deputy Chairperson

Serge Maboma is a prominent professional bassist from Cameroon where he leads one of the country’s oldest bands Macase. Having been a member of Macase for the past 20 years, he has worked with many big name artists, including Manu Dibango, Youssou N'dour and the late Papa Wemba.

Serge has been actively involved in the movement that led to the development of the urban music scene in Cameroon, grooming many artists who are today the pride of the country. Over the past few years, Serge has been on the front line of creating a new economic model to offer to Cameroonian artists. Together with Macase, Serge won the 2001 RFI Award and Most Promising Group in Africa at the Kora Awards in 2003. In November 2016 he was given the National Order award from the Cameroon government (Chevalier de l' Ordre de la Valeur) for his outstanding contribution in the music industry.