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Mwangi Mwaura also known as Mwas Tha Keed is an urban Kenyan artist talented in fine arts paintings and musicals. Created some of the greatest artworks for a number of artists who include The Lyrical Assassins under Calvo Mistari, Press kits for Kevimore Zongo- A Rwandese vocalist residing in the country currently, The Naxxiz- a hiphop duet hailing from the Rift. I also participated in the creation of Idi Achieng's Mandela Tribute video in videography and as a cast. Participated in the making of Serikali video for Kevo K Force and Moroko Kalahari. I have been involved in teaching arts to everyone who comes to me in need. I have taught students at The German School Nairobi on Workshops basis, Students at WAPIS on a duty basis and some private students for graphics design. As a fine artist painter, I did the portrait of Diamond Platinumz Mother and it was delivered to her by Diamond earlier this year. A B.A Fine Art and Design holder from Kenyatta University, who learned music , arts and design and Theatre and Film Technology under the School of visual and performing arts. My contribution to Kenyan Music Industry started in 2004 when we did our first album at Samawati Production, as the DCONS Crew. Active participation came in 2015 when I joined MCSK. I offered to create and manage the website for KENUM, Kenya National Union of Musicians. Since then I have been striving to create an industry that is free from exploitation, free from prejudice, free from lack of creative works through working closely with artists on studio sessions, acting as a vocal director. I have worked with Symonnez of YUNASI Band on a collaborative project, I have worked with Kevimore on another. I wrote and arranged the song for Master Peace Kenya Initiative which we recorded at Vicky Pondis. As an artist and a scholar, I am seeking to have African cultures understood through show casings and implementation in different media especially the spoken and illustrated. Mwangi Wa Mwaura.

KENairobi, Kenya
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