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Zethiopia is a diversified news and information newspaper that represents America's local and national Ethiopian community. Zethiopia is a free bilingual (in both Amharic and English languages) newspaper with production based in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area. Zethiopia, published monthly by the Ze Ethiopia Corp, has been in publication since 2002.

The newspaper is distributed across the United States and Canada – with a majority of the distribution being around the D.C Metropolitan area, which has the largest concentration of Ethiopians outside of Ethiopia. Zethiopia is distributed to every Ethiopian retail outlets and mailed to U.S. and International subscribers, totaling 10,000 in distribution This bilingual Amharic/English newspaper caters to all segments of the community and covers local and world issues. The paper specializes in covering issues primarily pertaining to immigrants and the communities they live in.

USVirginia, United States
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Zethiopia Corporation
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