Zamanani Brothers Cultural Group


Zamanani Brothers Cultural Group is traditional music ensemble from Cape Town, South Africa. It consists of 10 male members voices. It sing and dance simultaneously with pure natural voices. It was founded in 2007,by Masizakhe Richard Kewana with the help of 8 members. Our objectives was to create jobs and fight crime through music as the youth were facing high Unemployment and crime rate. It was registered as primary-co-operative in 2010.

Our achievements:

In 2010 Fifa world cup; had 6x shows in the fan walks and Cape town International Airport to entertain the world cup visitors. In 2011 had 2x shows at Infecting the City Festival and 4 x shows at Absa Kknk national festival. In 2014 we had visited by International choir Papaya from Denmark and Inchoir from UK, for cultural exchange workshop. In 2014/16 performed Cape town Fringe Festival. In 2014 recorded our first album Called Ukuzingca Kwa maafrica. In 2016 recorded our 2nd album called Abakhuthuzi. In April 2017,performed at Cape town City Hall, for International Elite Awards,where more 50 countries were present.

We have been performed in various wedding around Western Cape for locally and international clients.

On the 24th of September 2018, invited by Iziko Museum to performed to their various sites: Slave Lodge,Art Gallery and ISAM.

ZACape Town, South Africa
In operation since: