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Unisa Radio is a student-run community radio station providing students of the University of South Africa (Unisa) with practical exposure and training in radio broadcasting. The station's programming focuses on academic content including educational shows, career guidance, job opportunities, Unisa student lifestyles, student entertainment, relevant campus news and student support.

A brainchild of Prof Danie du Plessis from the Department of Communication Science, Unisa Radio began in 2008 when it was known as ‘Unisa FM 98.9’. It was re-branded to ‘Unisa Radio’ in April 2012 becoming what it is now known as – an online audio streaming based radio station to cater for students living outside South Africa.

Unisa Radio’s mission is to become the African voice, as it is a campus community radio station operated by students for students of the University of South Africa. Being a dynamic and vibrant radio station, Unisa Radio has grown and is home to eight staff members and over 50 volunteering students.

ZAPretoria, South Africa
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Unisa FM
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