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The South African Audio Archive (SAAA) is a non-profit project that was developed by the online music collection website called flatinternational. The website is dedicated to establishing a visual archive of rare and sometimes unusual South African audio documents.

The aim of the SAAA project is to provide a database as a resource for researching South African audio history. The database is far from its desired size but the accumulated data will provide researchers with valuable information on lesser known South African artists, labels, and companies.

Given the nature of an archiving project, much of the material on the website has been sampled from various sources. The materials present an uncensored view of South African history and the website’s collections of artefacts reflect the complexities of the country’s race relations and may be offensive to some.

The website is purely non-commercial and is exclusively for research purposes and welcomes individuals to make contact via email if they feel any images or content is falsely included.

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South African Audio Archive
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