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Intro: "Music is the expression of the inner feelings; feelings of humans are expressed differently depending on how you want to let out what is within; music helped us share information, pain, love, joy and also helped to build or destroy nations" SYNOPSIS Born on September 30, 1978, in Logagane, Barolong Region, Botswana, Omphemetse Dunaiski first captured the public's eye as a lead singer of the Church Choir. She later established her career with the album Tate Kalunga Tu Kwatha collaborating with Caroline, becoming the number one Gospel artists in Namibia. She married Telecom Specialist and recording, mixing and mastering expert Don Dunaiski in 2004 who is now the executive producer. Early Life Traditional and gospel Singer, choir conductor, drama teacher, peer educator and a counselor, Omphemetse Nancy Dunaiski aka (RUBY) was born In September 30, 1978, in Logagana, Botswana. She started singing at an early age of 14 as choir lead singer. She was raised in Logagana and her parents relocate later to Hebron still in Barolong farms, Botswana. Tate Kalunga Tu Kwatha Teaming up with her friend, Caroline Mukanwa, landing the Gospel album Tate Kalunga Tu Kwatha in 2008 in Namibia. Tate Kalunga soon became one of the most popular Gospel albums. The recording featured smash hits tracks as “Tate Kalunga”, "I Wanna Go Home" and “Nako Yami”. While enjoying her albums success, Omphemetse was selected as Namibia’s anthem and gospel singer. She travelled with the Namibia Presidents, opening meetings with beautiful singing and presence. Solo Career Relocating back to Botswana in 2010, Ruby entered My Star competition landed firth overall. She is currently working on her next album to be released soon. Ruby is an outstanding performer and would like to expand her career nationally and internationally. In 2004, Ruby married Don Dunaiski in a small, private ceremony in Oshakati, Namibia, with whom they have three children. She entered Mrs. Namibia Beauty Pageant becoming the second Princess in 2007. In 2016, she was invited to Nairobi Kenya for a musical tour, which was a success, and she was featured on the top tv/radio shows such as CLUB1 EXTRA on KBC TV, POWER BREAKFAST SHOW on CITIZEN TV where she performed live etc. - Being in Kenya was a great experience and her music was received well by the people, which gave her exposure and created a new fan base in a new community and different culture - She and her producer C Mark Tracks are working on a project of which they have to use the forehand as complete projects. - So far, they are done with 6 singles intending on getting one single done every week till they reach the number of tracks they want to be released which is 16 hit only. - Early 2018 she embarked on a music tour and promotion of her recently released singles Boya Sweety, Sponono, Ready, Rorolong Tholo etc and this time its Zambia. - Her music was also received very well by the Zambian audience and radios in...


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