Rise n Shine


Rise'n'Shine is a female band with members originating from Tanzania and Uganda. All musicians have worked already in different genres of music from African fusion, gospel, reggae and jazz.

Inspired by meeting the two famous musicians from Uganda, Phillip and CG, at Sauti za Busara Festival 2019, Bahati created a band that combines many years of musical experience and the love for reggae music. The band's songs like 'Rich Man’s Lake‘, 'War is a Business‘ and 'Tupo Pamoja' talk about injustice, climate change, women's rights and environmental pollution. 'War is a Business‘ won the band the first prize at an International song contest.

The band features a female drummer, pianist and guitar player. In Mwanza, the role of the women is mainly influenced by the traditional picture of the devote women of the Sukuma. Many women are subordinated and face domestic violence and usually don’t take part in public life.

"We as a women band promote a different picture in Mwanza. We stand in the public, present our songs on public events like Miss Mwanza and promote a role model of a women with self-consciousness and the ability to play an instrument and sing, influencing public opinion making and being a role model for other women. This has already made us famous in the region. The Mara Cultural Festival asked us to be the main act and also play for other single artists as the backing band. We are ready to promote this unique women supporting music in East Africa and all over the world," the band says.


TZMwanza, Tanzania
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