Reuben Piet aka ReubiCon is a pure Naturalist and Deep Lover of Wild Spaces; there's a direct connection through His Ancestry.. His Parents are from Deep Rural Eastern Cape, where endless Rolling Hills, Indigenous Forests, Wild roaming Animals and Ancient Mountains set tone to the way of Life for local inhabitants.. Nature is engrained in the DNA of his People and he stands in alignment with a Long-Line of Healers, Storytellers, Community Builders, Artists, Earth Custodians, thus carries this embedded 'Earth Consciousness' with Grace and Humility..


Work in the Youth and Community Development Space for the last 18 Year's have enabled a Solid Foundation to step into Wilderness/Mountain Guiding where He continues to work extensively and delicately with a whole range of People-Communities entrusted into His Care..

Vision Quests (Rite of Passage) has become a keystone aspect of this Work and the Wisdom and Healing always comes from the 'Wonder that Is Nature'..


Personal Mastery - Group Empowerment (Deep Ecology).. Healing: Individual and Collective Trauma, Earth Consciousness and Regenerative Practises (Permaculture) is amongst Core area's where He invests most of His time and energy..


Reuben equally is a well rounded Singer-Songwriter/Musician in his own right and draws inspiration from the power and beauty in sharing of stories. He remains committed to His Spiritual journey and being a Companion in walking alongside Others.. The Journey is one of homecoming; coming back home to Our Authentic High Vibrational Self.. 


Reuben Piet aka Reubicon

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ZACape Town, South Africa
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Reuben Piet

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