Ndere Cultural Centre


The name Ndere is derived from the noun ‘endere’, which means flute.The flute is our symbol of choice and inspiration, because: - It produces dynamic, beautiful and sensibility music which caters for different emotions and moods drawing attention without being overtly intrusive, gently awakening without crudely shocking, stimulating happiness and creating a conducive atmosphere for deep reflection and creativity. - It is the only musical instrument known to us which is found in all world cultures. Like the red blood that flows in all our living bodies despite our external differences, the flute blows in all our living cultures.

The fact all world cultures could spontaneously (but separately) create and intrinsically enjoy the sound of the same simple hollow pipe, is proof enough that we are all equally human. We believe that the only way to create world peace and harmony, is by emphasising the human commonalties, as we respectfully enjoy, and get enriched by, the diversity, variety and versatility in all human cultures.

Our Vision is to rekindle, rehabilitate, galvanise, promote and sustain the positive sense of pride, confidence, self reliance and efficacy, of the Ugandan (African) person as a respectable, rightful, equal, admirable, responsible, relevant and contributing member of the global human family.

We aim to diligently research into, carefully master, respectfully develop, constantly update, creatively beautify, articulately present and diplomatically represent Uganda’s (Africa’s) indigenous civilisations, endowments, values, arts and cultures as a promotion of our positive identity; constantly keeping them at standards that consistently meet and serve contemporary and future tastes, needs and intellectual expectations; using them to cause positive socio-economic transformation at individual, community and national levels; linking them to the rest of the world to foster international understanding, cross-cultural appreciation and enrichment; safeguarding, preserving and propagating them for posterity.

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Ndere Cultural Centre
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