National Museum of Ghana


The National Museum of Ghana was opened on 5 March 1957 by Duchess of Kent, the late Princess Marina. The event was part of Ghana’s independence celebrations. Its first director was A.W. Lawrence. The building houses archaeological and ethnographic objects and fine art.

The archaeology section has objects that range from the Stone Age period to the recent historical past. Those on permanent exhibition at the ethnographic gallery include chief’s regalia, beads, traditional textiles, stools, pottery and a collection of indigenous Ghanaian music instruments.

The museum has additional collections from various African countries acquired through exchange. Examples include Senfu masks from La Cote D’ Ivoire, Zulu wooden figures and bead-ware from Southern Africa.

Ancient Ife bronze heads from Nigeria and Bushongo carvings from the Congo are also on display at the museum. The museum’s art gallery consists mainly of contemporary paintings by Ghanaian artists done using oil, pastel, acrylic, watercolour and collages.

Temporary exhibitions are not restricted to the museum only but can also be held by individuals and foreign embassies.

GHAccra, Ghana
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National Museum of Ghana
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