Martinique Matinino started playing piano at the age of five and started writing music for vocals and piano at the age of 10. She received classical piano and vocal training from a young age and continued to study a BA music technology at Stellenbosch University Conservatorium. Since then she has been involved in numerous creative projects and bands. Her earlier work has been classified as dark ambient, theatrical, neo-classical dark wave and alternative.

It was after working with sound engineer and producer Kamil Govender that she started experimenting with a more listener friendly sound. The project Matinino offered her a new voice. After struggling with anxiety, she wrote music to soothe herself in her most desperate times. Songs like 'Cest la Vie', for instance, carry a happier disposition, classifying the music as indie-pop, dream-pop or melancholy. The instruments on the album were produced by Kamil and Martinique using orchestral sounding samples and light electronic additions.

She also drew inspiration from working in studio with legendary 60s folk singer and guitarist Shawn Phillips, who gives her feedback on her work. It is Shawn's words and wisdom that motivate her to work hard for her dream. He once told her: "The more I hear, the more I think you are destined to be an extraordinary addition to great musicianship and artistry in this century."


ZATulbagh, South Africa
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