Madsoc Theatre


Madsoc Theatre is one of the popular entertainment venues in Lilongwe, Malawi. It was established in 1961 by the Music and Drama Society (MADSOC). It is under Mwezi Art management. It is used for hosting events such as music live performances, dance, poetry, storytelling, workshops, forums, conferences and many other events.

Its facilities include a 150 seats theatre, 100 seats foyer, external stage provision with 2000 seats, a cash bar, box office and internal secure car park.

It has a variety of projects such as ‘The Artistic Library’, ‘Teen Arts Club’, ‘Dzukani Music Club and ‘Lilongwe Ballet’. It has an incredible acoustics which gives an intimate environment, latest sound and lighting technology equipment. The venue employs an experienced team and crew and has less limits in presenting and hosting professional

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Madsoc Theatre
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