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Jazzinfolk Music Consultancy mainly runs music mentor ship programs for young talents in schools as well as in informal music settings, teaching and imparting right knowledge and skills and new methodologies of appreciating music beyond just the know-how.

Currently the concentration is on taking musicianship to performance spaces and creating recitals and concerts that will give young talents opportunity to experience the music discipline of performance.

Jazzinfolk runs quarterly recitals and is currently working with Rafiki Foundation as well as the Institute of Cultural Music in various space exposure activities for young musicians.

Jazzinfolk was established in 2008 by a group of professional, enthusiastic and talented musicians and music teachers in Kenya.

Our motto is: Keep playing;keep mentoring. Our main Objective is to create a country-wide platform for music teacher training in Kenya.

Our specific objectives are: • Strengthening music education. • Developing music training curriculum • Creating a country-wide network of music schools and music teachers • Capturing and documenting Kenyan music traditions • Developing JAZZINFOLK as an important regional hub for music teacher training in East Africa

What we offer: • Weekly and Regular Music mentor ship classes in classical and traditional instruments. • Teacher-training and capacity building courses in Music. • Skill focused instrument training. • Live band music rehearsals and performance skills courses. • Music research • An annual national and East Africa music education campus

Our partners include: Global Music Academy,AMTZ-Tanzania, and the Institute of Cultural Music.


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