The Italian Institute of Culture, Addis Ababa


The Italian Institute of Culture in Addis Ababa, an official body of the Italian government, has as its aim the promotion of the Italian language and culture in Ethiopia through the organization of cultural events fostering the diffusion of ideas in the arts and sciences.

The Italian Institute of Culture in Addis Ababa offers the following services to the Ethiopian, and not only, public: Italian language and culture courses held mainly by mother-tongue teachers up to three annual examination sessions for attaining the diploma in Italian as a foreign language; a library with videos, DVDs and Italian newspapers and magazines which members of the Institute and students enrolled in a language course can use for consultation and borrowing of books and an information and documentation service on Italian cultural life.

The Institute collaborates with the local art and museum institutes, and European Union cultural organizations such as the British Council, the Goethe Institut and the Alliance Française.

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Italian Cultural Institute, Addis Ababa
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