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We believe , music’s a Devine way to Tell beautiful indeed !
The name “Jowman” originates from his nickname “ Jojo”

DjJowman is a young male upcoming disc Jockey / Producer . A 17 year old , Born & raised in South Africa , Gauteng , Soweto 1852/1724 .

He Got his love for music when he was in Grade 9 , in 2016 . “I used to listen to deephouse music , I was inspired by the likes of Vinny da Vinci , Christos , etc “. He says .

His love for music grew later in 2016 as he started listening to The new age Sounds “ Amapiano , a new culture , a lifestyle , a genre that originates from South Africa, mainly in Soweto & Pretoria .

“I was also inspired by the likes of DjStocks , DjJaivane , these people played a very big role in my music career, they inspire me , till today!” He explains ..
in The process , he started djying using an app called “ cross dj “ it was fun at first, I can’t lie !
His fellow friends fell in love with what he was doing , so he started compiling 30Mins’ mixtapes .” I was pushed to work even harder”
He says..
later during the year 2017 he was introduced to the virtual dj software , “I learned a lot from this application , it helped me “
“ That’s when I started playing using cdjs 100s & Numark , being a dj was never easy , especially with my parents not giving me the support I need “ he explains .

In 2018 he was introduced to more modernistic pioneer cdjs , thee 350’s and so on !
“ I pushed this movement the whole year , people started noticing me “
Later during that year he started compiling mixtapes of his own , titled “Xclusive Affairs”
I love Exclusive music , I love bringing people together through the good music that I convey .

In 2019 he met MusiKadibongz’s, he introduced him into audio production, they produced a hit track together, featuring Billygates titled “ AMA 2000 “
It’s not just a name , it’s a brand , a movement .
Later during 2019 he made another hit track with MusiKadibongz featuring Silas africa , titled “ Emakasana “

In 2020 during lockdown period he managed to go solo & work on a project titled “ Minister Yama 2K ep “
“This album was inspired by my fans “ Ama 2000 “ he states
DjJowman is still pushing his brand , he promises to dish out hits , after hits for the next coming years !

“We’re soulful , we’re pushing , we’ll always deliver the best !”
Strictly, Grootmanpercussion !!

ZARoodepoort, South Africa
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082 078 3683
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