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* Akinbobola Adeseye Charles AKA DJ Charlie Shee is one of Naija's best Radio Disc Jockey.He is from Ondo State and was born in the city of Lagos,Nigeria.Ever since D.J Charlie Shee was a kid He has always dreamt of becoming an entertainer so he wasn't surprise when he found himself turning into a disc jockey while still in secondary school. Proffesionally D.J Charlie shee has been Djing for over decade and way back he started as a mobile D.J, then later work in one of the best club on the island DA VAULT has their official dj for 3 years before joining one of the leading premier Radio Station in Nigeria(EKO 89.7 FM) as a Presenter/Radio Disc Jockey since 2006 and this has brought him more fame and fortune in the Nigeria music industry both home and abroad. D.J Charlie Shee is a member of the COALITION OF NIGERIA DJ'S / Nigerian DJ ASSOCIATION here in Lagos.Aside working as a Radio disc jockey,DJ Charlie Shee still does his mobile Djing and he has featured in different kind of events within and outside Lagos,Nigeria.D.J Charlie Shee has worked with several event companies like Pea DJ Entertainment,Nigeria Breweries, Illific Solution,Blue Print event,Colossal Entertainment e.t.c Beside being a disc jockey,D.J Charlie Shee loves travelling, meeting new people,Learning new stuffs, making new friends and enjoys dancing.I know some peeps would be wondering why He decided to be called "DJ CHARLIE SHEE" is it that he's associated with a Chinese name or what?but hey the true story is that after so many research He didn't want a stage name that will sound familiar or alike so instead He choiced to be identified as D.J CHARLIE SHEE cos according to him He wanted a unique name that will match his unique style of djing and if you ever experienced D.J Charlie Shee on Radio or performing live at an event, you know what this D.J is all about. Due to the passion D.J Charlie Shee has for music and Djing, he decided to get one of the best and leading DJ equipments any disc jockey can think of and am talking about the Numark CDX 1000 Pioneer 1000 , Pioneer controllers , Turntables and with all these equipments being handled by a professional Dee-Jay like D.J Charlie Shee, It simple means you can never stop dancing except you tired and need a break....... D.J Charlie shee has featured in shows and events like the : Obudu Resort Press Conference at Eko Hotel Starcomms 2007 Customer Awards at Eko Hotel Starcomms Press Appeal Aromatic Schenap New Bottle Label at Muson Centre 2007 Harp Battle Dee Jay at Planet 1 colossal and starcomms live revolution concert from 2006 in Lagos, so many events even after the EUROPE Tour event for he perform at several clubs in ZURICH , BERN in SWITZERLAND , PARIS ,ITALY came back to Nigeria October 2016 and also performed at the ONE LAGOS FIESTA DECEMBER last year sponsored by LAGOS STATE GOVERNMENT ..and...

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